• Yes, you can fight it. Will you win? I can't say.
  • You can fight any ticket, but you probably won't have a leg to stand on. You were cited for a lane change that was unsafe, not speed that was unsafe. Your speed was probably not a factor in getting cited for 2165(a) VC. If it was, you would have been cited for a speed violation, as well. Incidentally, it would be tough for you to establish reasonable doubt that the speed the officer wrote for your speed is incorrect. The only thing you could prove is that he wrote the wrong speed limit--but that's not relevant to your charge unless you can extrapolate that since he was inaccurate with the speed limit, there's reason to doubt he was accurate about your lane change. But that's not very likely.
  • unsafe lane change really doesnt have anything to do with using your signal, just the fact of weather or not it was safe to make the lane change
  • Do you have any witnesses?
  • It's possible to argue just about anything but, in this case, there can be no success as you're not able to produce evidence of such a claim unless you photographed both your speedometer and the speed limit sign which I highly doubt nor can there be any benefit regardless. Speed is insignificant in an unsafe lane change citation. A safe lane change is determined by your position, the amount of space you have and how clear your surroundings are. If your speed had been an issue as well, that should've been a separate citation.

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