• It's $5/hour, but I love that job. So, it's okay for me :)
  • Yes. My first real job paid $8/hr (US). My first paying chore was the neighbour paying me a penny a weed to weed his garden.
  • A quarter. I was a professional singer. My sister bribed me with a quarter to sing I'm a little teapot for her friend. Actually it could have been a nickel. I just remember it was a big coin. I wasn't in school yet so I can't swear it was a quarter. lol
  • $2.25/hr. I was 11 and worked in grocery store bagging groceries. That was before the days when there was a restriction on how many hours kids were allowed to work; now we have to coddle them and restrict their hours cause they might miss important social media posts. And I worked on a construction crew on the weekends. That was $5/hr.
  • My first real job not counting my paper route was $93 per month when I was in the Navy.
  • $3.10 an hour
  • $2.05 cents an hour.
  • My first job was as a model when I was age six. I think I received about 25,000 yen for it.
  • Yep, it was around $1./hr. That was 1965, I was 15 and it was probably well below any minimum wage laws (assuming there were any). Part time teenagers in those days may have been excluded from any minimum wage laws(?) At 15 I was the richest one of all my friends by a fair margin so it seemed pretty good to me.
  • $6.75 an hour
  • $3.13 Dishwasher, cook and then rib cutter. Phineas Prime Rib. I only remember what I made when I left the job.
  • i babysat but i cant rernernber

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