• He wraps them too of course!
  • His Elves wrap them. He just delivers them to the tree.
  • Always wraps. What fun would it be to get up on Christmas morning and see everything just lying there under the tree. Half the fun is "opening" the presents ... watching others open their presents is the most fun! I just love to see that paper "fly"! lol
  • Awww, what a quaint question! Sorry, but Santa does neither anymore. Now he just runs the global franchisee network from his satellite-linked Command Center at the North pole. The Santas you see coming out of your fireplaces are contractors hired from local talent and paid in Euros. When the world population hit 5 billion, the old system was strained beyond capacity, and had to be modernized. BTW, the Santa contractors are not allowed to accept milk and cookies because of insurance regulations.
  • He wraps them, and he always knows JUST which wrapping paper Mom and Dad bought this year, so his presents match all the others. Santa was an interior decorator once...
  • A little of both.
  • Santa wraps at our house. And being the generous guy that he is, he leaves the rest of the new roll of wrapping paper for us to use next year : )
  • Santa puts the presents in gift bags and sit them under the tree.
  • santa does the whole shabang!!! he buys/makes, wraps and delivers under the tree. the reason he does everything in my house, is because children only believe in santa for a few years, my daughter is 6 so im guessing i dont have many more years before she understands santa does not exsist and starts asking us for everything. So I want xmas to be magical for everything and dont feel the need to take any glory in it at all.
  • Santa does both...some unwrapped gifts are peeking from behind wrapped gifts...and if it in the stocking - he usually doesn't wrap those. But Santa uses wrapping that shows pictures of him, so I know they're from Santa.
  • When I was growing up, presents from Mom or other family were wrapped and put under the tree before Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas morning, there would be lots of unwrapped gifts added by Santa. Gave Mom time to wrap what she could and not stress at the last minute over the rest. When I married and had kids, my ex-husband insisted on everything being wrapped. With 6 kids and step kids all living with us, this usually meant staying up until 4am or better wrapping after the kids were in bed. (Ironically, the ex-husband was usually the first one to go to bed, so my late night wrap session were alone.)
  • Santa always wraps the Presents and puts them under the tree along with a personalized letter and a stocking
  • He does both, AND he even hides little presents in the christmas trees at times!
  • The name "Santa" can not be used without the express written consent of Jolly Fat Guy Enterprises and its affiliates. Even the standard "Ho, Ho, Ho" has been copywrited.
  • He does both...HE tries to wrap them all but sometimes he gets too busy and can't wrap every single gift on time.
  • no way Santa wraps. Not only does Santa NOT wrap but all the toys don't have boxes or wrappers and they look like they had been playing all night long. The GIJoes were set up in formations attacking each other, the dollhouses were all put together and all of the pieces were in the dollhouse and the dolls were sitting around the table eating, etc. They are not wrapped because the elves make them and play with them while Santa relaxes and eats the cookies and drinks the milk. On a side note: I will have to say that unboxing all the presents and setting them up perfect is MUCH harder than just wrapping, but my DH thinks it is nice for the kids (I think it is an excuse to play with the toys LOL).
  • santa is just the mail man, its the elf's that do the rapping!!
  • It depends on how you ask Santa for them. Unless you check the unwrapped button they come, as the default choice, wrapped.
  • Santa leaves the gifts unopened so that the parents can play with them first..oops..told on myself, didn't I?

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