• This is going to use direct language. Hope that's OK. Masturbate almost to the point of orgasm, then stop and relax for a while. Do the same thing again and stop. Etc. Over time, your mind will learn to handle this "almost" feeling and eventually you'll get more control. (I read this in a men's magazine 20 or 30 years ago. It's true.)
  • this is the best way for long delay ejaculation.. have a oil massage atleast for 5-10 minutes eveyday and in a months time u will find that ur ejaculation is delayed for about 20 sec
  • If you smoke, stop now. Smoking damages every part of your body, especially the circulatory system, and introduces dangerous chemicals directly into the blood.
  • They have creams you can apply which is basically a mild version of orajel, or you can think bad thoughts while in the process, like your parents, or you could jerk it before sex.
  • How can I make my penis strong?
  • How can i increase my love making time??

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