• i think you can just hit attach a file, and then it would send. im not too sure though
  • I'm looking for this answer, so I am putting in this answer to get it reposted to the recent questions. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.
  • No, you can't embed a video in any web-based email program. sorry. You can, however, copy the URL link and pop that in there so they can click and go straight to the video.
  • Yes - it is possible to embed a video into Hotmail. You'll need to get the Lizzer bookmarklet (at Launch the bookmarklet, find the Youtube you want (you can also enable your own Youtube account if you like). Preview your video, if you like, then just click insert. You'll see a placeholder for your video. Send your email. Now, if the person who RECEIVES the video is in an email program that lets that happen, he or she will see the video. Most local clients like Outlook and Apple mail work, but it won't work if the recipient is using GMAIL for example. Anyways, check out Lizzer for solving this problem at
  • Yes - just check out the Lizzer bookmarklet at

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