• I wondered that myself, a quick search on wiki revealed it was an "unknown" language. One of the characters is named "Strigoi" which is a Romanian word for a number of creatures including werewolves, goblins and vampires but I'm not familiar enough with the language to know if what they were saying was Romanian or Romanian based I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone else knows for sure, good Q!
  • I think its the language of Chthulu
  • If you've ever been to any of the old countries, where the Dracula stories and the vampyric legends began, the had their own language. Dananu. Its much like Arabic in appearance and much like German in sound.
  • bad chzeck
  • I think it's just their own crazy ass vampire language (great movie)
  • "There has been much discussion about possible languages on which the vampires' language may have been based. Because of what some describe as a "guttural" aspect to the vampires' speech, various languages in the Slavic, Germanic, and Scandinavian tongues have been suggested. Others have noticed clicks in the speech and have suggested Native American, tribal, or Australian aboriginal languages. Because the vampires' language in the comic series was described as an "ancient unknown" language, some have suggested ancient Egyptian, Celtic, or Mayan. Even fictional languages such as Klingon, Wookie, or the raptors in Jurassic Park have been proffered. However, in a first screening Q-A interview, director David Slade admits that it is a purely fictional language designed by himself, Danny Huston (who played the lead vampire), and a linguist. They did not base it on human speech at all but meant for it to be animalistic in nature, based on sounds made while feeding, eating, and expressing hatred. " :)
  • Body language?
  • vampiric was developed by a lecturer of university of auckland...
  • If you watch the special features included in the DVD, there is a faeturette regarding how they created the vampire look. It says that the language is based on a tribal language used to this day by natives of the Amazon. It goes on to say that the language is actually quite simple and only has words that allow for expression of the most basic needs. In the case of the film, that was of course the need to feed.
  • It was developed by Helen Charters who is a lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Auckland. Evenly though its entirely fictional and you only hear bits of it in the movie, its actually a fully functioning language with a grammatical system and everything. Quite incredible! She refers to it as "vampiric" even though they dont give it a name in the movie.
  • I've heard that it is based on an old Amazonian Tribal language, but in the special features, they say that it is words from several different early tribal languages combined. The wrds used express onlt the most basic needs, although there is a word for God that is used in the scene with Danny Huston and the young girl where the girl appeals to God to save her. That was one of the most spine tingling moments in the movie. I have ywt to be frightened by any other movies as much as this one frightened me. I think it's extremely realistic and if that were to happen, that's probably what it would be like.

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