• Brother women are from another planet.They are a beautiful part of the game of life.If we understood them it would be boring.Just relax and enjoy them as they are.
  • Find a girl that is going to give you a straight answer. I don't know what you are asking but it shouldn't be questions that would make you sound weak or lack self esteem. Chicks love confidence. If you lack that, it doesn't matter how good looking you are, they won't like you. Also try being funny and cocky at the same time. It'll make you entertaining and interesting. Also, don' take things too seriously. There's plenty of girls out there to go around and I'm sure you can get them if you set your heart out to do it. Don't lose hope my friend, its the only thing you have that can keep you sane and straight.
  • well, i've got the laid back and funny/cocky part down so maybe i should step it up a notch on the confidence. i'm tired of getting torn emoitionally from excuses of "let's just be friends" or "i can't be in a relationship anymore" and plus all the rejection and lies that it has just made me cold hearted and bitter that i just don't care anymore.
  • Well, as long as you think of women as "chicks" who do not "give straightforward answers" you will be alone. You shape your world. The energy you put out is what you get back. If you think of women that way, then those are the only kind of women you will meet.
  • maybe you could find a different way of asking the questions. a lot of 'chicks' (not me personally) take the long way around of things, hinting ect. it makes hard questions softer to get to and maybe lets them keep the image of themselves they have, and think you have of them in tact. (softer, feminine, lady-like, delicate) i know it sounds rediculious, because it is, but some people for some reason (that is not at all clear to me), enjoy beating around the bush. think of it as a little flirtation game... or find a girl who goes straight to the point, like the other guy said above.
  • i don't think of women as "chicks" just the ones who don't give "straight forward answers" and who don't give a damn about how i feel when i care for 'em and they know that i do and can't just say no and move past it and lie about it. i can take the rejection and the dumping part. it's the lying crap that really ticks me off.
  • You know what? Dont change a thing about yourself - I went thru this myself - I was myself all the way through and guys ran away from me - coz I came across as too sentimental, emotional, intense, passionate - and guys are scared of women like that. I had 2 choices - change myself - be all the cocky, flirtatious, dont care "chick" or continue being myself - natural, simple, straight forward, honest about who I am. I decided to be the latter coz I cannot live a life where I am not true to myself. And you know what- I finally found me a man who valued me as I am - warts and all - he loves my being natural and simple and moody and intense. So you be true to yourself and you'll find the right woman will come along soon and love you for who you are - and thats the greatest pleasure of all!
  • a lot of women feel the same way about men too. we all should be more straight forward with others.
  • Welcome to manhood buddy! sucks to be us, but not much we can do about it. Look at it positively. We have to deal with their BS and shaving our faces. They have to have babies, they have periods, cramps, hormones going crazy, etc. I think we got the better deal.
  • Guys give bull shit too sometimes... so its not just manhood... I think its just life. The only advice I can give on this one... is always be straight forward and honest with woman... and hopefully one of them will be straight forward and honest with you. A lot of times people give bull shit because they are afraid of hurting someones feelings...or they are just full of it. Fuck the immature girls that want to fuck every swinging dick in town and maybe you'll find the one that wants something real and tangible
  • You think YOU are sick and tired of the "bullshit" women give? How about the bullshit men give? How is it that a man can look in a woman's eyes one moment telling her that he loves her and then the next moment, telling her that he does not want to see her again... As a transsexual woman, I have to take a lot of flak from a lot of people and it's most prevalent in the dating world where I have to suffer through someone else's bullshit and be rewarded with a broken heart. It's not just men and it's not just women who give bullshit. All I can ask is look in yourself and see what it is in your life that is attracting this... Sincerely, Jessica P.S. Women do not like to be called chicks. Maybe that is indicative of a bigger problem...
  • sometimes i think being gay is easier guys
  • perhaps the girls your dating are immature.

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