• sounds like it has more to do with him than it does to do with you. take care of yourself, the rest will come out in the wash. (isnt that annoying? thats the non-answer answer) after a breakup, you should look after yourself and your own concerns first. build yourself back into a self that you are proud of. dont let the reasons he gives you affect this. you know who you are if you really look at yourself, you know how you would change, what you like about yourself, what makes you shine! he will work out his problems or he wont. he will come back or he wont. all you can do is take care of yourself.
  • Well, if he was the one who dumped you; he has had time to get used to the notion that you two are no longer together because he has been planning this - you haven't had that time and are still adjusting to the shock. You still love him, or at least the 'him' you thought he was. It sounds to me like the reason he gave you was nothing more than an excuse - he had this other woman lined up before he dumped you and her personal qualities (and yours) are irrelevant. The fighting may have been his passive-aggressive way of setting the break-up in motion, perhaps even in the hope that YOU would be the one who dumped HIM. In any event, you are better off without him. And his new relationship might not last. Remember, the best revenge is living well.

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