• I like to draw too and have for years (pencil drawings). I always like to do odd things like an old barn that is leaning over or about to fall down because it has so much character or things that have meant alot to me in my life. I drew my mother's parents house a few years before they died, framed it, wrote a dedication on it and it now hangs in my mother's front den. I also did the field out back I loved to play in and the large round hay bales they always baled each summer throughout the field and the rustic fence that ran along the edge. Those are things that will last. I have the drawing of the field of my dad's parents house and they are all gone now. I did a drawing of grandpa's old Model T with the hood up on one of the country roads and called it "breakdown on a country road." Send your work. I'd like to see it. +3
  • I'm sure no artist, but if I was, I'd like to be able to draw big city skylines!!!! you know, NYC, LA, etc...........with lots and lots of detail for the store windows, traffic, etc........!!!!

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