• There has to be a gas line running from your house underground to the lamp post. Where this line comes into your house (Basement or crawl space) There should be a valve that you can turn off the gas flow with. Good Luck !
  • You need to turn off the gas valve... it is somewhere on your property. If your neighborhood requires you to have the light you can install a photo sensor and an electrical light socket inside with a 40 watt bulb. You should be able to run the wire in conduit under your yard, and then through the light post. Lots of trouble but it saves money and the earth.
  • It's far from rocket science but having a basic idea of what you are doing is helpful. It sounds like this is your lamp and it seems odd that you don't seem to know anything about it. Is that wrong? Years ago it was common for gas lamps to be lit 24/7 which was supposed to be less expensive than electric lights that were only on at night.

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