• while i don't have the details and i don't have references to back up what i say, i do recall hearing the band talk about the meaning of this song and it's companion song "we are the champions" when these songs were first released... "we will rock you" was about the band's opinion of successful '3-chord' bands of the day, most notably (or perhaps, solely about), kiss... "mud on your face" referred to face paint, "blood on your face" referred to gene simmons' ritual of spitting blood onstage (any old photo of kiss in concert in the 70's will probably show gene simmons sporting fake blood down his chin from spitting it out of his mouth during the show)... i don't recall all of the lyrical innuendos, but essentially, they were slamming other bands (or, as i said, maybe just kiss, i honestly don't recall), who lacked the talent that the members of queen had...then the next song, "we are the champions" was their way of saying, "and, oh, by the way, we DON'T suck"... listen to the difference in the simplicity of kiss' "rock and roll all nite" and the complexity of queen's "bohemian rhaphsody", and you get the general idea of what "we will rock you/we are the champions" is about... it wasn't until years later that stadiums began using the song as a way to pump up the home crowd at sporting events...the actual meaning of these songs has absolutely NOTHING to do with sports... one more thing...if you notice, in the song "we will rock you", he says "you", "your" and "you're" ("you got mud on your face", etc.) and that this person is "singing, we will rock you"...then "we are the champions" goes from "you" to "i" and "we" ("i've paid my dues", etc.), which shows that "we will rock you" was about another band (kiss, for sure, and perhaps others), while "we are the champions" is about queen...
  • its because
  • Sounded to me like a song pointing out how foolish the gang lifestyle is. Each gang thinks they're invincible. Standing in the shaddows waiting to open fire on someone. The bullets rip. Another enemy gang member bites the dust. As for the others we will get (rock) you too.

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