• I just spent a month in LA. Normally I live in Europe. But there are also big cities and small towns there. I personally prefer big cities.
  • I have lived in both, but my work draws me into the big cities. For lifestyle, I prefer small towns but they lack opportunities for employment and culture that are normally found only in the cities. When I was younger, access to the outdoors for swimming camping, hiking, caving, cross-country biking, etc. was very important, but as I grow less able to enjoy these activities, I turn to other types of recreation that are more of the indoor variety, such as woodworking, the web, concerts, find dining, theater, and kicking back in a more urban fashion. When I retire, I cannot say where it will be because I plan from day-to-day, but it will likely be a medium-sized town that has lower expenses and rural beauty close by but urban conveniences.
  • I lived in metro-Atlanta all my life until 6 months ago...and moved to "the country." I'm still slightly in culture shock, but I prefer most aspects of the small town life over the big city. I do miss having all the conveniences of the city, but think overall the quality of life is much better in the small town. The thing that I don't like is the Small Town Gossip Train...everyone wants to know your business - but that's how it was in smaller groups within the city (but you could always find another group), I just didn't know it was quite this drastic out here. People are friendlier out here...or maybe they're just nosey ;->
  • I have never lived in a city, but I was raised about 3 miles from NYC. When I was a kid, we could see the Empire State Building while we standing in the middle of a farm. We went to NYC for shopping (before malls). Later, I moved to the New Jersey Shore. I live in a town of 19,00 which has grown tremendously since I moved here in 1968. I enjoy the small town life, but I don't like the gossip at times. I am about 65 miles from both NYC and Philadelphia. I go to both cities frequently for doctors, conferences, and plays or sometimes just to hang out. I can get to both cities easily by train. I enjoy both life styles, but friends who live in the city complain about parking and traffic. In some parts of Manhattan, it is too expensive to own a car-- many people just rent one for the weekends when they need it. Both lifestles have commendable attributes.
  • I lived in Memphis, Dallas and New Orleans. I now live in the country where I grew up, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I wouldn't even like living in a small town. I have had people ask me if it isn't too boring and quiet. I consider it peaceful rather than boring and anyone who says the country is too quiet has never sat outside on a summer night. :-)
  • No I haven't lived in either a big city or a small town in the USA. I have lived in both elsewhere and I prefer small towns - or better still, villages - because the pace of life is more relaxed and it's much easier to feel part of a community. I find cities to be anonymous places. They are nice to visit for the facilities they offer, but that's about it.
  • I have always lived in small towns. But I stayed in Chicago for 6 weeks on a work assignment in 1998. I think I could adapt pretty well to living in a big city, but I prefer small towns.
  • I've lived in NYC, and I've lived in Chambersburg, Pa. and a series of addresses between those two locales. The small town is pretty and nice, but the price for everything being cheap is that everything sucks. Can't get decent food, everything is like 5 miles away from everything else, and the people, though outwardly nice, are very lazy, AND catty (busybodies). I am now back in the city again, and I feel like I am with my people again.
  • I like the big city better, everything is walking distance and there is a lot more to do.
  • I've lived in cities and lived in small towns and mostly in rural or wilder areas. I hated the cities and town. There just isn't anything for me to do, too loud, too many people, not enough open areas. I can't keep horses or goats or chickens. I can't go for a long walk through the forest. You can't see the stars easily at night. It's never quiet and serene. I am never bored out in the country. Cities are too closed in around me. I feel like I can't think or breathe in them. I'm glad that so many people love cities so there is room out here for people that like quiet places andn nature.

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