• I don't know where you heard that, but there is no correlation between the number of colors in a cat's fur and it's lifespan, all other factors being equal.
  • Male cats that are calico or tortiseshell have shorter lifespans than other coat colours because they have Klinefelter's Syndrome -- an extra X chromosome. However, this accounts for very VERY few cats... one in 3000 calicos or torties born, I think. But perhaps this is what you were thinking of?
  • Never heard of this before.
  • I think cats that run around outside have a shorter life span because they can get hit by cars or bit by wild animals. Life is a crap shoot with everything, including cats.
  • My cat is tri-colored and she is around 18 years old.
  • that has to be the most retarted thing i ever heard.NO!!.lol
  • I've never heard of this before.
  • I have never heard this, but I have heard that tri-color cats are ALMOST always female. I know I have never seen a three color male cat, they exist, I am told, but are very rare. I have also heard that they are sterile (?)
  • We have a tri-color male. He and his two littermates were dumped on the road in front of our house. He is less than six-months old and is healthy and social. (He has an appointment for his "snip" in January.) His underside (tummy, chest,and the insides of his legs) is yellow with black spots. His muzzle is white. His littermates have white feet but his feet are yellow and flecked with gray. His back and tail are black and stripped through with gray. The pattern of the stripes is really interesting. They resemble that of a ring tabby but the rings on his sides and the back of his neck are broken rings. The vet hasn't said anything about having a shorter life-span and treats him as if he's a regular male purrson. We treat him as if he's the best kitten in the house.
  • I have not heard that in the 3 color cat. However, it is rare you will find a male 3 color cat.

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