• He is KGB
  • The Honorable Paul Broun2104 Rayburn House Office buildingWashington, D.C. 20515 February 12, 2009 RE: Mikhail Kryzhanovsky case. Dear Representative Broun: My name is Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, I'm a former KGB USSR and SBU ( Ukrainian Security Service) intelligence officer. In 1991, as SBU spy, I've established an illegal station in Moscowand had to get into Russian President Yeltsyn's "inner circle" to influence his decisions, whichwere extremely anti-Ukrainian at the time. Operation was in progress until Kremlin got some -how information about it. In 1992 Russia and Ukraine signed a treaty to stop mutual espionage.I had to resign and move abroad for security reasons. In 1995 I came to USA, where I planned to do a research in political science and , possibly,work for the government as intelligence analyst. I met two CIA agents ( and later - FBI NationalSecurity Division agent) in New York City , and signed a certain obligation. Next was a standard conspiracy (remember, John Deutch was a DCI then - he was appointedby Bill Clinton and there was a strong suspicion that he was a "mole". He wasn't arrested andClinton pardoned him in 2001). CIA decided to copy my Moscow experience - I had to spy onthe U.S. Congress and start with Congress Librarian James Billington who knew about methrough his Moscow representative Mr. Levner and could introduce me to Representatives and Senators. They also wanted to influence Bill Clinton through my "The Professional" system (instructions on economy, domestic and foreign policy, America's globaldomination , KGB special technologies - propaganda,murders and tortures , and presidential elections winning methods and strategies). I was paid $900 to start the job. I was promised anything I want, including the best medicalservice in America. I was in Washigton, D.C. couple of times, met Billington's assistant and sent to Langley "TheProfessional" system just in time for Clinton's re-election campaign. Then I made a decisionto stop cooperation with CIA, though they pressed me hard preventing my family from comingto USA and in other ways. I think, DCI Michael Hayden can tell you more. In June 2001 I've informed Senator Hillary Clinton about CIA anti-American activity, nationalsecurity system collapse and my personal situation (9/11 proved I was right). She helped myfamily only. Now national security is #1 priority for heras a Secretary of State , so she can investigate my case. In 2007, ALGORA, New York, released my White House Special Handbook, or How to Rulethe World in the 21st Century, based on "The Professional". Now students of 245 American universities and colleges ( go through KGB indoctrination and learn top political , espionage and war ma -nagement in a right way. And not only them. I watched Barack Obama using my technologies to beat John McCain, win 2008 election andthen build socialism. You were right saying that he "will establish Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship". Obama and his neo-Clinton administration will follow myinstructions and KGB technologies , because they match their ideology. This is the socialism I brought to America:- banks nationalization- big industry nationalization- health care nationalization- total control of the nation. I do hope you don't blame me for the depressionAmerica is going through now. If you have any questions, contact me at _________________________I'm ready to talk at Congress hearing. Thank you. Sincerely, Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

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