• Not as much as the music industry...
  • Yes I do. There are too few NEW ideas being made into films. Most are the same old thing recycled. Also, I know digital animation is an amazing new technology. That does not mean it needs to be overdone. If something in a movie can be done with actors/stuntpeople, why do they have to animate it instead, when it so obviously looks fake?
  • Quality wise: Yes somewhat, but there are good films out there you just have to look carefully. In monetary terms: Not at all. If I'm not mistaken this has been a record year for Hollywood movies in box-office earnings. You might add to that the DVD market which is a huge portion of the metaphorical pie now.
  • Many people will claim they want to see new and interesting films, yet I have never seen sold out showings at the local arts cinemas that show foreign movies that are normally full of non-mainstream ideas. Films from all over the world, particularly Europe, often have innovative stories, concepts and/or structures but are normally snubbed by the same audiences who claim they want something they haven't seen before. Unfortunately mainstream cinema normally means watered-down product. Finding the balance between profitability and artistic merit will always be difficult.

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