• If he came in from the right, as in ran the red, definatly his, most everyone i watch stays in the middle of the lane to make a left.
  • But he claim his light already change to be green when he came in, I remember my light was yellow when I made the left turn. As I drove slow, maybe at that time his light changed to be green. As I already in the middle of the intersection, he came up, we would collide each other, no choice. I think I have the right of way, he should wait for me to clear out of the intersection before he came in no matter what's light he has, am I right?
  • If he says his light was green, chances are teh light shifted from yellow to red while you were waiting to make a turn, which means you failed to yield right of way. Of course the other driver should have had his eyes open and seen you were in the intersection, but the fact is, if your light went red then you shouldn't have been in the middle of the road. This is one for the insurance companies to handle. Did you get a police report? That should clearly state fault.

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