• Only when I am not buying produce. If everything has a bar code, then yes.
  • i sure do that a way the only person that i can be made at for taking too long is myself
  • Yes I do unless I have a whole bunch of stuff. I dont like to tie them up so that other people with fewer items dont have to wait so long on me.
  • Yes, it makes shopping quick and easier...
  • The self checkout RULES! Why can't people seem to get the hang of it though? Fumbling for credit cards like they have no idea they had to pay!
  • If i have 12 items or less i
  • Only if I have a couple of items.
  • They are great! However, I did almost have a panic attack the first time I used self-checkout, because the machine kept yelling at me!
  • Yes, around this area most of the cashiers act like they are being forced to work and don't seem to like their job. I can go way faster and be polite to myself and leave in a great mood.
  • I do, and like others, I find myself seething with frustration when people get up there and fumble around... it is MEANT for people who want to get the job done and out - with little messing around... I also find myself annoyed when people use one as a "price check" - cause then they have to go through a whole rigamarole to reset the thing...
  • No because to me it is wrong. the prices increase nearly every month and are so high now you cant afford hardly anything. they say part of this increase is to pay the workers. when they give me a discount for doing the work myself I will gladly use them until then they can earn their pay.
  • Whenever possible. Sad thing is, it always requires some type of human intervention. A price always rings up wrong, the machine freaks out, coupons must be deducted or they want me to sign the credit card voucher in front of them, it saves little time.
  • When it is free and I only have a couple small items. Where I live is so "podunk" that it has serious glitches, even at the main stores, like Wal-Mart.
  • At Wal-Mart, yes, but anywhere else, I don't know if they have self checkouts.
  • No I like the old way just fine!
  • The only store I know of that offers self checkout is Wal-Mart. I use it if the other lines are too long.
  • Yes, if I want to be in and out.
  • Yes, but sometimes they can be so frustrating. "Item not read, please scan item again...Item not read, please scan item again." Most of the time they are good if they work correctly.
  • I always do unless I have a buggy full of stuff which is rare.
  • I would use them more often but the market I go to has limited you to 15 items. That does not work with a cart full of grocery's.
  • pros- they are fast and easy con- they represent cutting out the middle man in order to save money for the corporation. you pay no less or more if you use the service of a checkout person, so why not take advantage?
  • I've never heard of a self-checkout line which tells you how long its been sice I was in a market.
  • i used to use them all the time...but where i live they look at you like you are a criminal when you use them, so i see no point in even having them. for example, here in FL somebody bought a lot of clothing... like $300 worth i think and what the person did is take all the stickers off those little felt squares you get in the craft section and put them over the original barcodes. the 'supervisor' over the self check out noticed the final price on the monitor ended up being like $5 and turned them in. now they check you reciept at the podium before you leave to make sure everything looks right. they might as well just take them out and let people ring them up as usuall
  • Only when I want to feel like a chicken on a conveyor belt. Cluck, cluck, cluck, Mmmmooooooooo!

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