• Because unlike the illness whici is not going away the side effects do not always accure and if they do usually deminish over time!
  • Because they have to note the side effects even if only one person has reported that the drug has had a particular affect on you. The drug will help the sickness the side effect probably will affect one person in thousands.
  • I normally do not answer my own questions,but find it a very important question for it defies our rights to have safe products that we consume ,weather it be food or prescription drugs.In which way is illegal drugs differ from legal drugs that kill us anyway!
  • Because as Americans we gauge our own self worth ( and the value of those around us) by what we can buy. If it's on TV we (obviously) need it, or else they wouldn't put it on TV. As for the side effects.. they Obviously make other drugs to countermand the side effects of these drugs right? and My need for immediate gratification trumps common sense... and as I have money, or at least a credit car that I haven't maxed out yet, and that certainly means I should not have to be inconvenienced for more than a minute. And if I am inconvenienced I have a right to complain, and then, maybe even sue..... Because I am an American. Here me Whine!
  • People are very self destructive but in denial of it. Some even scuicidal.
  • Because people see the side effects as what could happen, and the "benefit" as what will happen -- while it may be the other way around in real life.
  • For prescriptions, I assume my doctor has evaluated the risks vs the rewards for me. If I need more information or other suggestions or other options, I ask my pharmacist. As for OTC drugs, I don't think I use anything that hasn't been around for about 50 years or more---I've been using them at least that long and they work well with no side effects.

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