• Try and pick the fastest one. That's been my experience anyway. ;)
  • Having a lot of money to lose. Ask my Mother
  • To go do something else.
  • Psst! Big secret! One horse runs faster than another! Why is this a subject of perpetual fascination with the public?
  • The only one I can think of is don't. No matter how good you think you picked you never know if the horse is in the mood to lay it all out that day. They're funny that way.
  • Everyone has their own little systems, but to me it is mostly looking at a horses track record as far as times posted in past races, especially recent past races. ALso, how successful they ran against what level competition, and if the horse is changing distances, some run better 6 furlongs and others run better 1 miles or longer. After that, it is generally a guessing game for the most part since every race shakes out differently. If a horse gets caught in the pack, his speed is negated, while a slower horse with clear running could pull off a win.
  • Bet a a mininal, insignificant amount of money just for the fun of it. Go to the horse races for an enjoyable experience, for the atmosphere, to see those wonderful animals perform. If you go hoping to strike it rich you are pissing in the wind.
  • There's no secret to betting horse racing...or anything else for that matter. Basically it's a loosing proposition.
  • have £1 on every horse beginning with the letter M at every meeting for a week .. you will come out winning .not a lot but always a few quid up....enjoy
  • You'd best be making money doing something else, but I'd say go with the one who has the best record and is not a beginner and is over the age of 3.
  • By Handicapping the horses. There is a whole system of analyzing information about the horse , jockey , course , and history.
  • Well I enjoy a little bet on the horses, and watching the racing on a Saturday, with my Son in Law. Sometimes I look to see how far a horse has travelled to this race course. The further it has travelled, the more I think, the Trainer thinks it has a chance. We all like to win, but enjoying the sport is also important. Like some one said, it is a Mugs game and quite rightly so. But I say, everyone to their own, and the best of luck to them.
  • Use someone elses money.
  • Well can I just say I actually make my living from horse racing,and yes some days you do lose but if you know what you are doing it is well worth it.But if anyone tells you that they never lose then they are telling porkies..
  • It's simple....don't!
  • Bet on the winning horse. He he doesn't win, don't bet on him.
  • Bet Once. Bet Big. Accept your loss or take your win and run a mile. Never look back.
  • Prepare yourself for losing money. Learn to enjoy it. Horses are living creatures. It doesn't matter how well you prepare them for a race, some days they don't feel well. Some of them handle heat well, some don't. Some handle cold well, some don't. Some like playing in the mud, some don't. Some love to run and are going to get their nose in front, some hate it and won't try. And even if you have a horse that is a type A aggressive and competitive personality on a body like Adonis, he doesn't have the ability to say "Hey, my leg hurts this morning, right there!" And since they don't have that ability, we end up with Barbaros.
  • The higher the class, the more you can rely on past performances.

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