• I suppose you can if you want to... I don't know WHY you would want to... but you COULD...
  • I don't see why it would be pleasant but I suppose you could. This was weird, by the way...
  • You can chew anything that gives in to the mandible pressure as you masticate.
  • okay let me see if this helps any: its said that u can just chew the wrapper with the gum! not having to take it off and tht it will desolve.!
  • I think it does dissolve in your mouth. I've seen some people do it before, and they said it dissolves. I don't really know for sure though.
  • i'm chewing some gum right now... it doesn't dissolve.. it like... mixes in to the gum as you chew and then you don't taste or feel it anymore and it's like normal gum now.. hey that's less gum wrappers on the ground =P
  • it doesn't dissolve. paper just gets mushy in your mouth and makes it easier to mix in with the gum..
  • The Company of stride ss that the wrapper is not intended to me ingested so therefor No you sould not eat it or chew it....on the otherhand I have been chewing stride with the wrapper on it for some time now. does it make a diffrence? No there isno diffrence and the wrapper does not desolve it just forms into very small pices and mixes wi the gum so it feels natural when you chew.....
  • Of course you can, I have no idea why you would be too lazy to remove a piece of paper? Are you fat? Do you leave the wrappers on your twinkies and ding dongs also fatass? Try some slim fast(don't chew the can)
  • what a dumb question

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