• Yes this is true. I have Light blonde hair naturaly, and it turned green. Another time I dyed it brown it actually turn reddish-orange!
  • yes darls it is extremely true however this only happens because blondes do not have high quantities of red pigment in their hair. Dye your hair red, then do it brown, you need to ensure their is red pigment for the brown to lock onto. You will have red highlights for about a week then it will go, you will need to repeat a month later
  • Yes, every brown color has red undertones, a red base I mean. If u wanna go dark brown get a medium reddish brown.To keep it from turning green u need to have a brown with more red tones in it then just the norm. Stay away from ash and nething orange, or blues. I had mine professionally done my first time before I got out of school and my stylist applyed a violet kicker in my medium red brown. Now I just add a little red color to any brown I use. Sallys is a great place to get great products.
  • not that i know of but anything is possible

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