• Food of course.
  • Well, it's easier for me to make a weekly budget, so $10 per day x 7 days = $70 per week. $15 gasoline $30 groceries $10 other misc necessities $15 entertainment (go see a movie on the weekend or a have a couple of drinks with a friend)
  • food. the occasional bus / subway ride (like to go get more food). ... a good squeegee and a good bucket ... or a musical instrument to help with begging for donations ... __________ That is actually MORE than most welfare recipients and more than some low income earners.
  • I'd find a new apartment if possible.
  • Gas for my car to go look for a job to supplement my income!
  • Saying that it was only me your talking about and no family, food would come first, I could fix a great healthy filling meal+ beverage on $10 and even have left overs for tomorrows lunch.....
  • public transit and food. Would I be allowed to carry over the money I saved, or would I have to spend exactly ten dollars a day? I mean... could I eat noodle soup and beans for a while and save up for a bus pass?

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