• I'd think something fishy was going on and be very skeptical about that person from that moment on.
  • That would be pretty weird. Shapeshifters are scary things.
  • I'd wonder how good of a friend this person was. If it's anyone who's going to be at the L.A. convention, you should probably notify the organizers.
  • Now, this is why I wanna remain faceless here. I don't like disappointing people. =)
  • I would think that the person felt he/she had a reason for being untruthful. It may not be motivated by deceit, but by fear of rejection or shyness.
  • Be sensitive. Plastic surgery gone awry is touchy.
  • It depends how different they were. Stableboy told me once if he lined up every photo he's seen of me he feels like he's looking at 5 different girls...and they were all from the same time period. So I think I'd allow for some differences, but obviously if s/he was blatantly a different person I'd ask them why they were posting fake pictures on the internet. Depending on what they said, I might warn others.
  • I at least attempt asking the person about why there was a discrepancy, mentioning that you thought you'd seen pictures of them before and they looked different now. You never know how people do change, unless it was a really serious major difference.
  • Initially, I'd try to give them the benefit of the doubt and not immediately segue into suspicion or aggression or assume that they had intentionally tried to falsify their appearance. Starting from that stance, I'd just take the direct route and ask them about it. That way, no matter how the inconsistency occurred, be it an intentional deception on their part, or just an innocent mistake or misunderstanding, we could at least avoid a nasty argument over it.
  • I'd think maybe they emailed the wrong pic or posted the wrong pic on ab and didn't know how to change it. If they claim pics are both of same person then maybe they just changed their look or had photos taken from a different angles.
  • i would think that something strange was happening but try and give them the benefit of a doubt. i would most definitely bring it up in a non-challenging way and see what they had to say. put the ball in their park before i pass any judgements.
  • be afraid be very afraid. they are pulling a fly one on you. steer clear.
  • some people may change a lot, but, I tend to be a little leary (I grew up in Missouri..the "Show Me" state, after all). I would be suspicious. If it were me, I'd think the person was lying or had something to hide.
  • I had this happen on a blog site. Pictures of the same person for month upon month. Then right after someone she met on that site came to visit, the pictures changed to someone else. Lies and deceit are what I call it. And yes, there may be an insecurity factor, but it's still pretty weird.
  • Id think they were lying and stear clear!
  • A lot of my pictures look different, so I'd think that maybe they were having an off day. But, if the differences were drastic, I'd wonder who they thought they were fooling.
  • Well, you could look at it all sorts of different ways. Maybe they aren't posting real pics on AB, or in the email or whatever... Or some people take pics in various states. Some of the webcam pics posted on the site don't do alot of people justice. However, if it were something as bad as lying, I'd be hurt that they didn't feel they could trust me.
  • I would think that they're embarrassed of themselves, or they thought it would be funny.
  • Plain old insecurity? Maybe the person finally felt secure enough with you, that maybe you could be trusted with his/her true self, to offer the truth. I mean, its an easy enough answer if this person could perceive himself/herself as less attractive in their true identity. If that is not the case, I have no idea! Murderer? Tax evader? :)
  • i would think they emailed you pictures of someone else

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