• I locked my younger brother out of the house. I was about 10 and he was about 5. He banged his fists on the door to make me let him back in and busted the glass on the door. He cut his arm pretty badly, and I got in serious trouble. I never did that again.
  • My younger sister used to sleep with her mouth open. I used to squirt condiments in her mouth while she was sleeping. I also used to roll her up in a blanket and then tie off the ends with belts so she couldn't unroll. Then I would yell "Oh my God. The house is on fire," and run out of the room.
  • Nothing cause i am the youngest.
  • My sisters and I dared our youngest sister to jump from the top of the stairs as we were. She did and she fractured her leg. Did I mention she was only four?
  • I was about 11 and my brother was about 8. He got on my nerves real bad. I grabbed him and shoved his head into the toilet and flushed the toilet giving him a new hairdo.
  • I was the youngest, but my 2-each older brothers & sisters did things like saying "Blob! Blob! There's a monster!". We'd all go hide under a card table covered with a vinyl covering which had a print of a house on the outside. One by one, my sibs would go out to see the monster ("No, no", I'd cry, trying to hold on to them to keep them there), and I'd hear this horrible stomping and roaring. When my sisters did it I was half-sure it was them, so I was half-laughing and half-terrified. Also my sisters tried to get me to go down the laundry chute once, but I looked down and saw that it got narrower toward the bottom, so I didn't go.
  • I'm the baby but only by 6 minutes
  • locked my 4 year old brother in the dog house that had a wasp nest in it. You can bet I will never forget the spanking I got for that one.
  • Hit them and said mean things to them! I feel soo bad now!
  • I'm the youngest =)
  • When I was 11, my mother left me home alone with my brother who was 9... He wasn't listening so I (and to this day I'm not sure why) decided to drag him out to the dumpster. It was February vacation and he was in his underwear... He didn't actually make it into the dumpster, but I locked him out anyway.. my mom is still talking about getting that call while she was at work from the neighbor...
  • Only child but I did spray my cousin with windex when were younger.
  • I made my younger brother eat rolie polies, made him touch a pipe that had drano in it, made him sniff smelling saltz, flaunted his candy at him through a closed window (he punched through it). Im glad hes never sought revenge for the many awful things I did to him.
  • Not have one.
  • I'm the youngest, but my sister did some pretty nasty things to me. I guess when I was really little she'd pinch me on the leg in the car and say she didn't know why I was crying. She'd babysit me and chase me around the house with a stocking on her head, and when I'd cover up with the afgan, she'd stick her fingers through the holes at my face. She chased me with a meat cleaver making the noise from Friday the 13th, and I think the absolute worst thing she did was, when I was about 3 years old, she taped my butt cheeks together because she said they were cracked and I had broken them. I only admit to that last one because I was only told about it...I was either too young to remember or I blocked it from my memory! lol
  • I cut my little brother out of my life for about 15 years, because he has spent most of his life in prison and some of the people he was involved with would not think twice about coming after his family members to get to him. I have REALLY missed him. But, the good news is, he just got out, again, and now I've contacted him and hope to see him soon.
  • When my sister would piss me off, I'd take my fingernail and dig it into the top of her head as hard as I could. I feel really bad about it now.
  • I crushed up my mother's saccarine tablets, mixed them in water and told my younger brother that he had to drink this "medicine".
  • my brother and i would fight all the time ,he would hide my things , so when he was about 11yr i locked him in the bath room it had just a bath and sink in it he wanted me to let him out after 1hour said he needed the loo i just laughed and said that will not work on me and theft him for another 30mins when he came out he had a cup in his hand with a big poo in it, sorry but i still find it funny
  • my sister and i fought all the time, but some of the most memorable ones would be the time we were running to get the phone and i pushed her out of the way. she fell onto the baby gate at the top of the stairs and landed on our dog. she was bruised for weeks lol. My cousin and i slammed the car door on her fingers when she would play with her imaginary toys on the back of the seat for hours. that one probably happens 4 or 5 times. And to me she put saving cream in my hand and tried to tickle my nose, but when it didn't work she picked my hand up and slapped me in the face with it. For my cousin (who was around enough to be my sister) i pulled on a book self and all the books fell giving her a cousin. and the next day my sister and i decided to through books at her head. we've grown up now.
  • Exception claimed. No younger sibling.
  • My cousin and I while visiting my grandparent's ranch took my little brother into the cornfield, tied him up, layed him on his back and told him to roll home. This was hillarious but got my butt whooped by mom, still hillarious.

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