• I would! But I'm sure, after getting the money, many of the really good friends would become false friends too lol.
  • No ! I've pretty much already done that. I know who my friends are, and where I stand with folks.
  • No need, I do not have any false friends I have already sorted them out.
  • This is a new twist on the question of "what would I do if...." I'm comfortable with the idea of telling my friends if I had a windfall. I feel that I've already weeded out the fake friends - I have friends now who love me for me, and who are confident in themselves, responsible for their own lives. I don't think they'd want my financial assistance even if I offered it. I know my daughters wouldn't take a dime from me. So my problem really is, what the heck WOULD I do with a huge sum of unexpected money? I'd put it all in scholarships for deserving young students and help fund some research projects that are important to me - stem cells and space exploration.
  • As other have said, I've pretty much weeded out my false friends. And ideally I would like to use some money to help them achieve their goals. However, there are friends that I would be wary of giving them money. Not because they are false but because I feel the funds might be wasted by their inability to follow through with a project.
  • I already "Weeded" out any friends..I'm so alone and happy..Now let's party!! (Oh, gotta clean out the wood chipper those blood..errr..pitch stains are nasty!)
  • No way, I'd be adding a bunch of false friends, hot female false friends.
  • nope..wouldn't have to as I already know who my friends are!
  • I already know who my real friends are. The problem would be my husband's mooching family.
  • I would keep the fact that I won a huge bag of money a secret.
  • No, I already know how much I plan to give to each family member, how I will give to the nieces/nephews, and what percentage will go to specific charities. Yes, I actually have all of that mapped out in my head just in case I ever win the lottery. But I almost never buy a ticket. :-)
  • No, I already know whom is friend and foe. ;)
  • No, I know my friends and there are some people I would help that would never expect it.
  • I would not mention I had won it. I don't have a problem with false friends. I have very few carefully selected friends. Unfortunately, you can pick your friends but not your family. I would likely not mention I won anything to anyone but find a way to help those who I know could use the help, trying my best to stay anonymous
  • I already know who my true friends are. If I came into a large sum of money, besides my parents and wife, there are only a few people who would ever benefit from it. A friend from 20 years ago, who has stayed in contact and never judged me. A friend from 15 years ago who has the kindest heart I have ever met. A friend for the past several years who has never failed to help if she could. A friend for the last 20 years who has always had my back, even if thousands of miles separate us. My wife's little brother, who has been crapped on( metaphorically) for most of his life.

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