• Just another Hindu festival. For hindus, practically all living things are sacred. "Nag" means Snake. And "Panchami" means fifth day. The festival is celebrated on the fifth day after the "no moon" in the month of July/Aug. On this day, the sankes are worshipped and milk is offered to snakes. The more orthodox people actually seek out a snake hill. those not so orthodox, make do with a photograph. Fortunately, Naga Panchami is a not a very famous or widely celebrated festival, so for most of us it is just another day. A similar festival, nag chaturthi is celebrated 4 days after diwali in Nov/Oct. It is believed that celebrating this festival will keep you free from snake bites. There are a number of legends related to the festival. And it is beyond the scope of this answer to list all those legends.

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