• You are not allowed to bring in ferrets into CA. They feel they are a threat to agriculture if they get free, on purpose or by accident. SO there are no permits you can get. If they search yo at the border they will confiscate them or not let you in. However, I will say that I knew a few people that had them as pets as they were smuggled into the state other ways. I won't tell you how one was brought in because I'd hate for anyone to repeat it...poor thing:-(
  • No, if caught wit a ferret in California, expect a fine of several hundred dollars and the ferret will be seized. You will be given the option of shipping it out of state. Otherwise it will be euthanized. Though California has more ferrets and more ferret owners than any other state. With caution, you won't get caught. Main thing is not to advertize the fact you have one and seek out a ferret friendly veterinarian.
  • im trying to get my ferret into calfornia too. i dont know what to do...
  • I have been a ferret owner for 20 years. When moving from Arizona to Oregon, I got caught with two ferrets in my truck by te Susanville Fruit Inspector. Then two squad cars of Highway Patrol escorted me to the nearest state line. Which just happened to be a dirt road into Nowhere Nevada and resulted in about a 300 mile detour. But to the point. California has defective reasoning. Ferrets will not survive in the wild. They will die in about 4 days from either starvation or other animals. Most people have neutered ferrets so they can't breed (officially, <LAROTF> California Fish & Game says, "those things can grow back." So where to go with this? Look up "California Ferret Underground." They will give advice for keeping them, finding ferret friendly vets etc. Like I said there are more ferrets living in and more ferret owners in California than any other state. I think likely any two states and those would be New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio as main competition. Arnold should know better a ferret costarred with him in Kindergarden Cop. Lastly a political endorsement: John McCain owns a ferret. So put a ferret in the White House. He might not make a good president, but the ferret would have us laughing.
  • I don't think you should have a problem bring him to California. While they are illegal here a lot of people have them anyway. I'm not gauranteeing that you won't get caught but it's kind of like pirating music. There's about a 0.03% chance that someone will find out and you'll get in trouble because of it.
  • My advice is if it is just a vacation, leave te ferret at home. Either find someone reliable to care for it or board (use your own cage) Ferrets do not do well in cars in summer. And anyone seeing it could report you. In fact Fish and Game offers rewards for reporting violators. I boarded my 6 ferrets at a cat kennel during a 3 week trip to Florida. Within 30 minutes the ferrets were escaping their huge cage, teasing all the cats and shown them they were boss. The attendants absolutely loved them. I was the first ever to board ferrets there. I should add that costs, between boarding my 6 ferrets and dog were about equal. The total exceeded what my trip cost including air fare, car rental, hotel, meals, theme tickets and everyting. But worth it.

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