• Very few burglars carry anything more than a prybar to help force windows and doors. Something like this could be considered a weapon, although the vast majority of burglaries occur when the home is vacant. Inhabitants are trouble. Many carry nothing, but the property they walk away with after breaking a window or kicking open a door to gain access. Being caught with a weapon, even if the home is vacant, may lead to a more serious sentence if they are caught and convicted.
  • No. it compounds the crime, from burglary, to aggrevated burglary. aggrevated burglary carries 5 times more prison time, than a regular burglary. most burglars are just that....a burglar. their aim is to enter as quite as possible, create the least amount noise inside, and exit without being noticed. most burglars do not want to harm your body, they just want your personal belongings. end

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