• I have played but I don't enjoy it. I have nothing to hide and I don't do dares.
  • Yeah but the last time I did it was in high school. I was still "wholesome" then so the craziest thing that I did for a dare was remove my shirt in front of my classmates (both male and female). That was it. I wonder what I'm capable of doing now. ;)
  • i dont remember the craziest thing that i have done but i remember the most recent thing that was a little crazy, i am a cocktail waitress at a casino so i go around hollering cocktails, drinks.... pretty much all night well last night one of our gaming commissioners dared me to yell tail cocks instead, and i got soo many dirty looks from that!
  • Yes I had a very bad double dare once I had to let my female friends give me a full make over (clothes makeup etc) and then I had to remain that way and be "one of the girls" for the entire day.
  • at my school dance my friends made me wear a really short dress that had a zip at the back and as i was dancing they unzipped it and that day they made me forget my undies and bra
  • and when the zip was undown the dress fell apart
  • I had to go up to this emo kid and ask if he wanted to "do the hustle." and if he said no, I had to do it anyway.(He said no. Then apparently he got scared as I attempted to "do the hustle" and walked away.) :D
  • a whole bar of least my mouth was clean!
  • Its been close to 35 years...but I had to skip down to the corner of our street and back in my underwear singing "I'm a little tea pot".
  • Eat a bug, so I cheated and refused to do it, I'm not a very good sport:)
  • I love playing this game, cuz ill almost do anything... Once, we were playing in pairs- like, me and my gf, my friend and his gf, and so on...and I i had to lick cough syrup off my friend's GF's u know what....
  • I was playing in a big group of people. I had to take all of my clothes off and hump every one in the room. after that i had to let one guy squeeze my boobs. soo embarrasing!
  • I have participated in some absolutely insane dares, but they are all very "adult" in nature, if you know what I mean ;-)

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