• Yes, we get ALOT of snow here, but not just yet. Where are you?
  • Oooh lucky you! I love the snow. We still have another month or so until ours comes in. It is windy and cold here though.
  • Yes, we get snow here! It hasn't snowed yet though...where the heck are you? We generally get our first snowfall in November and last in late March, early April. I live in Southern Ontario.
  • Very little in this area of East Anglia. UK. Some years it can be worse than others rarely anything too bad. last winter hardly any at all but it does get very cold and damp. Snow should only be on mountains where you can ski on it.
  • I would LOVE for it to snow here. It would be AWESOME coz I live in Andhra Pradesh, India
  • I live in Chicago, and I love the snow. Though, I guess if I really hated it, I'd just move.
  • Last time I saw snow was in March of 1999. That's because I moved from a snowy state to an unsnowy one but I may be moving north again very soon.
  • I love the snow and yes we get it here around Dec.. through March.
  • Yes we get lots of snow here in Minnesota (minnesnowta) we haven't yet though - it's raining today :) I love the snow - I like making snow forts in the front yard after my driveway gets plowed :)
  • We get lots of snow in the winter, but not for a good two months yet. I'd prefer a big snow on Christmas day, then it can dry up and get warm again! And, by the way, there was nothing wrong with your spelling!!!
  • we get snow maybe once a year here if we are lucky (I like snow)..but it's usually gone by the next day...vancouver, canada
  • We get snow but not as much as we use to! I miss it I love snow!!!!!!!!!!
  • Doesn't snow at the coast in southern California, but it does at the higher elevations in the mountains around here, like in the picture - "Mount Baldy Ski Area and lodge, aka "The Notch", in Southern California's San Gabriel Mountains..." You spelled the words in your question correctly, BTW!!
  • I live just west of Phoenix, AZ and it does not snow here. Just once, I'd like to wake up on Christmas morning and see snow falling.
  • In the surrounding mountains there is enough snow so that little patches are visible on higher peaks until June some years. Here in Albuquerque we get one or two decent snowstorms each year, usually in January, but it melts off the streets quickly. I love the snow!
  • Snow In Indiana ususally starts in November and can go untill March.
  • I do get snow where I live, and I love it. We usually get it in January to February. I really wish we could have a White Christmas, that would be so great.
  • We very rarely get snow here. Sometimes flurries, every 3 or 4 years maybe an inch, every 10 or 20 years we may get 4 to 6 inches. We have had a couple of bad ice storms in the last 10 or so years. It was a lot cooler here today than it was yesterday, only in the lower to mid 80s.
  • I live on a sunny coast in sunny Qld in sunny Australia and have never seen snow :(
  • I live in Wisconsin. It's not unheard of to get snow in June or even August, but I've never been alive when it's happened. Each year is vastly different with snow. Some years we get a lot in October/November, and other years we get very little period. It never fails to get deathly cold in Janurary/Februrary though =o
  • You are sooo lucky. It never snows here in Auckland, NZ. Snow is romantic
  • I live in Ontario and right now it's snowing pretty hard and I love it
  • Sadly, yes it snows where I am, and I hate it!
  • Yes, we usually get snow here....but the bad thing is that it doesn't snow enough for people to actually ever learn how to drive or know what to do in it. And we don't have a lot of snow plows here to take care of it either. So it just makes for a big mess, lots of accidents, and plain cold weather. I guess it gives people something to talk about.

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