• Tough question..because I believe (or have read) that our first opinions of someone are formed almost instantaneously when we meet them--which means that we judge them by superficial means. I would prefer to judge people through their heart, humour and intelligence...but maybe that just takes a little longer to surface.
  • How they present themselves and how they act, what they think of themselves also.
  • First impressions aside, I tend to take in account all aspects of someone's personality, I rarely pass judgement right away.
  • None. I form opinions of people of course, and those opinions are based on ALL of those criteria and more, not just one. But those opinions are not to classify people by "worth", as if some people have more value than others. People may be beautiful or ugly, popular or loners, educated or not, smart or stupid, witty or dull, sweet or cynical; but all have equal value.
  • Superficial appearance is just can be purchased..I don't care what others' opinions are, I form my own..educational level may have to do with financial ability which is also superficial..intelligence can be feigned if one is glib enough..I'm not a fan of sarcasm...I cannot know what is in someone's heart..I am left with effectively do we communicate and how much pleasure do we take in being in each other's company..that's it! :)
  • A little of all the above. When I meet someone I can't help but take it all in. That doesn't mean that my opinion of them doesn't change over time... because it always does for better or for worse.
  • All of the above. Superficial appearance may be deceiving, but it is still how the person chooses to present him- or herself to the world, so it does matter. Others' opinions of a person are certainly not the final say, but I choose my friends carefully, and if one of my friends has had a bad experience with a person, I may be cautious in my dealings. That does not mean that I will immediately discount this person as a friend, but it is still part of the equation. I don't care for people who treat my friends badly. Intelligence is something I value highly, but education more so. If a person is willfully ignorant, I find that pretty close to unforgiveable. (e.g., if somebody says, "Why do you gotta use such big words all the time?" it is almost a statistical impossibility that we will be friends.) I like a person with a deft wit because they're more likely to like me. A person with no sense of humor and no ability to sense playful sarcasm probably won't like me anyway. What's in a person's heart is the most important thing, and it often impacts all of the above. If a person is a good, caring person who respects him- or herself and others, it will likely show through in all of the ways previously mentioned. But even if it doesn't, it can be a deciding factor.
  • Probably D. Some of the most incredible people I've ever met wore blue collars, and some of the biggest dirtbags, white. I try to give everyone a chance, but I have been burned in the past when I should have perhaps heeded warnings from other people. Education means nothing to me, and I just got lucky with my intelligence. I didn't earn it, so how could I hold it against anyone else? Wit and sarcasm are tied into intelligence, but people with these attributes are just a hell of a lot of fun to be around. Obviously everyone would care about what's in someone's heart, but it takes some time to figure this out.
  • I would say the last one. [let's say "f)", I suppose it was a mistake to say "D)" and "d)"?]: Intuition and observation of their behaviour. Of course, other things such as a-d could also play a role, but not so an important one: a: appearances; important, but it is always good to look further b: opinions; important, but one should build one's own opinion, I think c: education / intelligence; important, but it is just a part of the personality d: wit is often good, but I must not have the same sense of humor e: the heart is very important for me, but what is in there will not always be easy to find
  • e) Other. A sort of combination of all the choices you offered with several other measuring aspects as well. All the things they have ever done, refused to do, failed to do, or have left undone or only partially done ... what they do own, what they refuse to own, and what they want to own ... what are their limits of caring & loving ... what is their level of greed vs their level of generosity ... do they try to better themselves ... is the best they have done the best they could have done. All of these things will add some insight to what their values are and what their worth (to me) is ... Of course it takes a significant amount of time to learn enough about them to evaluate all of this, and until then, I am usually stuck with my first impression, which is based on superficial appearance + apparent or obvious personality.
  • I form my opinions on how people treat other people and how well they respect others.I hope this is making sense since i think i might be going around in circles today.
  • I form my opinion by how they treat me over an extended period of time. I have met alot of educated idiots, appearances say nothing, I love a sense of humor but I have met some really cruel people with senses of humor and what's in their hearts? Well I think that can only be shown by action.
  • I learn over time by various actions, reactions, answers to opinions... I like to get to know people by how they think/behave.
  • I usually form my opinions on what is in thier heart.Appearnces can be decieving! I don't listen to the opinion of others unless I have asked and then I take what I want and discard the rest.Education and intelligence can also be decieving as, alot of really nice people can have very little education and still be intelligent. Wit and humor would most definately be a help as they would appreciate mine!
  • I've always found the saying "you can't judge a book by it's cover" to be completely true. most people who's appearance formed one opinion in my head have completely proved me to be wrong. for instance, a really tough-looking, leather-wearing, tattooed biker guy who came into a store I worked at all the time (a book store, by the way) proved himself to be the nicest, kindest, smartest and least scary people I'd ever want to meet. as for how else I form my opinions, it's a combination of all the others. sometimes other people's opinions can prove true if they know a person well. but I like people who are intelligent, funny, honest and trustworthy. some people can fool you at first, others take time to get to know well.
  • My opinion of others is derived from ongoing association and communication with them. As time goes by i learn more of what they are about, what they stand for, how they treat others and what their values and morals are. This is what i base my opinions on. I have no interest in their appearance, financial situation or educational skills - i am more concerned with their human compassion skills :)
  • I form my opinion of others through a combination of A and everything else - it all boils down to what they want others to see of themselves, making everything superficial (or real, depending on the person).
  • I like to think I have more than one criteria for liking someone, or relationships I value for different reasons. Sure there are a few people I would have never talked to if not for attractiveness, others who the way they said something made a difference in how I view them, and others who are just my friends for no expressible or explainable reason. Finding some one who is totally superficial is actually kinda hard, but when I encounter someone who seems like a piece of arrogant fluff; I will do a little digging and find out there is something there after all. Good question.
  • The last three. I like people who are juat as insane as me. makes me feel secure.
  • D- their deft wit or humorous sarcasm. and d- what's in their heart.

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