• and your question is????? why???? i presume??
  • Most of the engine's cooling ability relies on airflow through the radiator. This isn't an issue when in ,otion, especially at highway speeds, but in town you might run a little warmer as there is less airflow at lower speed. When you are stopped, the ONLY air moving across the radiator is from the fans which don't generate the type of airflow that a good 60 MPH cruise down the highway does.
  • You could have a faulty thermostat. Other things to check... Make sure the radiator cap is not loose. " " nothing is blocking the grill or radiator. Check the ignition timing Check the water pump drive belt to see if it's defective or out of adjustment.
  • Check to see if your engine coolant is low.. see if anything is blocking the radiator. check to see that the fan is working. It could also be your thermostat
  • That is a symptom of low coolant level.
  • Thermostat.

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