• Britian: Spitfire (Mark 9) USA: Mustang P-51 Germany: ME109 Spitfire V ME109 The spit could dive faster then the German ME109 but except on that the ME109 outclassed the Spit in every turn and upward battle Mustang V ME109 The Mustang had the raw engine power to out run and beat the ME109 in a vertical engagement, but lacked the manovureability of the ME109 therefore leaving the too quiet evenly matched on most occasions. Spitfire V Mustang P-51 The Spit had much more manovureability and wold beat the Msutang P-51 if ever engaged in a rolling sciccors, but the Mustang with superior speed could have stopped a spit piloit from engaging in such a manourvre. The two were both equally match on fire power although the frontal cannon would have torn a Mustang apart if ever enaged. I hope that answers your question :)

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