• Im not sure if when you say baby food you mean the stuff in cans and Jars.If you are lots of babies dont like can and jar food.I would make some fresh veggies .Your baby might not like the texture .Make food smooth until he or she is used to it.Try a banana,mashed yams,or sweet potatoe.It doesnt matter that baby has only one tooth ,lots of babies do very well with no teeth.
  • You can buy little plastic grinders. Put what you eat through it. It's cheaper that baby food. Do avoid all the salt & spices. And don't do what I did: I got them hooked on fruit & then they didn't want the veggies.
  • Theres a great thing available in UK called Bebecook. It steams and purees your food. Really useful. We still make 80% of the food for our little one (11mnths) We've also found that when he doesn't like something if you revisit it a few days (weeks) later (especially if its something important you would like them to eat) he will then eat it...and sometimes vice versa - exasperating at times of course, but hopefully worth it in the end! Good luck!
  • Zwieback toasts and Mum-Mums (rice rusks). As far as veggies, make them up yourself in a food processor or blender.
  • Mine hates baby food too. I take bannanas and cut em up real small and kinda smash em with my fingers and he gums them. You can do the same thing with caned peas and carrots and green beans, sugar free canned peaches, Gerber make these little puffs that kind of melt in their mouth and they are good too. And veinna sausages, they are sooo soft and you can mash them too. When they first start to make chewing motions with solid foods they may gag a little from time to time, just don't leave them alone with the foods, and try to keep them as small as you can.
  • I've always fed my boys real food not baby food because they didn't want it and would only spit it out. You can bake a white potato or sweet potato then smash it up, boil carrots, boil any frozen vegies and smash it up some. Boil sliced apples to where they are soft. Boil egg noodles, really there are soooo many different foods you can give your baby but since he is only 11 months the trick is to make sure the food is small and soft. Hope this helps:)
  • Noodles, Green beans, Rice, Macaroni, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potatoes, Steamed Carrots, Chicken, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Beans. My son is 11 months and has no teeth and he manages to eat all of these and he also eats Baked Goldfish. Those are his favorite.
  • Some people may disagree with this, but my son refused to eat baby food when he was little...unless I put a little salt in it. Have you ever tasted that stuff?? It's horrible!! You can puree in a blender practically anything you're eating that's soft, and give it to your baby. My son loved mashed potatoes and gravy above everything else.
  • Anything that you eat as long as it is mashed properly. (No spices though) Our little girl loves pieces of cheese and mashed potatoes best of all. We had a really hard time getting her to eat solid food at all, but now she loves it.
  • try feediing you baby mashed potatoes or rice also very soggy cereal
  • not sure, ask his doctor

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