• They're not that ugly and they're very comfortable, especially for people who are on their feet all day - I see them all the time in hospitals, on cooks, retail workers, etc.
  • o come on... you don't think they look cute on kids? I actually wanted to get some since they looked so comfortable but my sister talked me out of it...I think they will eventually go out of style just like everything else.
    • AR Khan
  • I really like them, they are comfortable and cool. Sorry you hate them. They are more functional then stylish.
  • I think they are unattractive, however, they are very comfortable and practical. I am (shudder) considering a pair of black crocs because I can wear them on stage during a concert if I'm not front row... they reports indicate they work VERY well... Oh, Ender ist sehr komish? ...So würden Sie uns denken lassen.
  • I have 2 pairs of Ugg boots. Very comfy and you don't have to wear socks with them no matter how cold it gets! Lovely...
  • well we invented them (aussies) and you grow use to seeing other people wear them winter they are great and very warm and now days there are so many colours that they go with almost anything ...uggs are cool
  • For crocs, i dont care if you wear them because they are comfortable, but dont try to make them look good by matching them to your outfit. youll just look stupid. For UGGs, if your reasoning is truly comfort, then sure. However most people i know who wear them becuase its an expensive brand and all their friends have them.
  • When my son was in the hospital a couple of years ago, I noticed that all of the nurses and some of the doctors wore Crocs. Since I'd never seen them before that, I asked a couple of the nurses about them. They said they were the most comfortable shoes they'd ever worn. I guess they're not supposed to be a fashion statement. . +5 to counter the Trollhole.
  • I don't know. I've seen some really cute Uggs and they're perfect for cold climates.
  • Yes, I agree. Uggs is short for ugly and crocs just look like they're for retards...The designers and the people who wear these shoes should all be shot twice...
  • I most definitely agree. I am not one for fashion before comfort at all, but even if these things are popular, they are about the nastiest looking things ever, aside from 8 inch platform heels.
  • i have to disagree the crocs may be ugly but they are extremely comfy, hell i just bought my 6 month old a pair
  • i have to disagree the crocs may be ugly but they are extremely comfy, hell i just bought my 6 month old a pair
  • i have to disagree the crocs may be ugly but they are extremely comfy, hell i just bought my 6 month old a pair
  • They're just shoes for cryin out loud!
  • Well, I have crocs that are in flipflops. They aren't bad looking. And are very nice on my feet. The other crocs I totally see what you are getting at.
  • Yup. They are absolutely hideous.
  • Umm well the crocs I agree but I did find one part of UGG's boots I like they are the "Men's Jackson". Personally I would never buy either type of shoe.
  • LOL a bit harsh there... but I hate them also :)
  • Nothing wrong with Uggs. (Dunno about crocs, haven't seen them.) Maybe you just haven't seen uggs presented properly.
  • as for crocs go.. u obviously havnt work 12 hour strait in a busy hospital!!! I think they are great for my line of work.. they dont make my feet hurt so bad. an im happy to have them to use. try working where i am in a normal pair of shoes then try will totally understand what i mean.
  • I don't wear either.
  • I have what can be considered off-brand or knock-off Uggs. I wouldn't have them if I found their appearance unappealing and they are so warm and soft on the inside that they are comfortable to wear without socks. I've never worn Crocs so I can't testify on their comfort though looking at them I can't see it, but I find them hideous.

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