• Remodel. Then I'd get to have things exactly how I'd like.
  • I would definitely remodel because I like the idea of bonding with a house, putting myself into it. There is something so sterile about a brand new house. No energy. No life in the walls.
  • Remodel. Sooo much fun!
  • remodel
  • Remodel; I like my house & just need to update/remodel the kitchen, main bathroom and add a second bathroom upstairs (creating a true master suite).
  • Rrmodel i love my house.
  • Remodel I need to fix my bathroom and maybe add an extra bedrrom.
  • Remodel, I love my 1/2 of a house
  • Remodel. And that's exactly what we've done. While remodeling can be stressful, it can also be fun and extremely rewarding.
  • It all depends on a lot of factors. How is your neighborhood? how old is your house? have the property values increased or declined, where you live? A new house is not exactly a great house. some materials are inferior compared to the materials used in older homes. this also includes workmanship. Location: how about the location of a new house, compared to your present house? which is better for the ride to work? traffic delays. All in all, if i could make do with my present home and its in good shape and in a good neighborhood, i would remodel, without hesitation. Remodeling will always earn you your money back, if later you decide to sell.
  • New house if I could afford it - I've done the remodeling thing and not only was it a lot of headaches and work, but it ended up costing us a lot more than we originally planned on.
  • Brand new!
  • not sure if i remodel then i can have what i want, instead of moving into something that i onlty like half of
  • I hve just moved into a brand new house, in fact it isn't done yet as we are still building it. Nothing wrong with a new home if you really, REALLY know how it is put together. Just the two of us are building it so we know how each part went together and if it was well done or not. So many new homes are crap nowadays. People seem to have more trouble with a new one than an older home. Do you see Holmes on Homes on the Discovery channel? Nightmares! That is why we are doing it ourself. I would rather remodel and play with an older home than chance a new one I didn't construct myself. Cost doesn't always come out like you think. It could be a lot cheaper to buy new than redo an older home if you have to hire other people. SO that isn't a good criteria.
  • Brand new house. I remodeled this one three years ago, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new carpets, and new paint, but it is still thirty five years old, and not getting any younger. I want a new house.
  • A lot of times you get more of what you want from remodeling..but if dont like the yard or the location then moving maybe a better choice..both will cost you money..moving for sure..from 3 to 15% of the cost of the house ouch! remodeling will too BUT if you are just adding space to make it as big as the other houses and you do it low cost/good quality..your house may appreciate what it costs you! there is actually an online calculator that gives you a cost to remodel and a cost to move and a recommendation what to do...check it

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