• because your hair has openings on it and when you shampoo it you have closed them. YOu would want to do it the day following so the folicles are open. You will get a longer lasting dye.
  • because its not going to take the color as well.
  • You can absolutely color your hair after shampooing it. If your hair is dirty, the oils protect your scalp so that the product won't irritate it as much. So if you have a sensitive scalp, then coloring when your hair is oily may be a good option. However, both of the answers previously on here are wrong. It is the cuticle layer of hair that can be raised or closed. Conditioner is what helps push the cuticle back down after shampoo, but it is not necessary to neglect it before color. Typically, your hair will be more porous if it has been damaged or a chemical with a higher pH was put on it. If your hair is very porous, it will take color better.
  • If you dye your hair right after shampooing you've gotten rid of all the natural oils in your hair and the dye wont stick as well.
  • bcoz there is prb in dying a wet hairs
  • Because the hair will still be wet and the dye will not take.

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