• My daughter keeps putting relationships on hold because of her career, then the inevitable happens. However she is not bothered she thinks there will be time in the future, hmm!
  • I guess it depends on the relationship I guess. I really don't have time or patience for a typical relationship, but I make time for my f-buddy. I think a person can make what ever time is necessary depending on what they want out of the relationship.
  • If someone is completely focused on their career or something then yes, there can be such a thing. I believe it's worth making the time though.
  • I think people make time for what is important to them...when i met my husband i was working two very demanding jobs and living alone in san francisco with a very demanding puppy...i had very little free time..but i made time for him!
  • No. You make time for the things and people that are important to you.
  • Yes there can be. In my last job (which I am thankfully no longer at), I traveled about 70% of the time on bad months. And those times also coincided with my wife's work travel. There have been months where we only saw each other a few days a month. Priorities are changing, and we are making enough time now.
  • No, I really don't think so. My personal belief is that if there's someone in your life that you're REALLY into, you'll make the time one way or another.
  • Unfortunately yes, If you are career oriented with long hours or obsessed with learning a skill that requires an awful lot of self sacrifice, then it can be very difficult to make room for a relationship. During my rock`n`roll days, I couldn’t keep a girlfriend for that reason, they would say “You love that guitar more than you love me” and they were right at that time in my life.
  • No, not having time for something is really code for not making it a priority in your life. If you say you have no time for a relationship it is because other things are more important to you, job, travel, etc., and the same goes for anything else. I don't have time to workout! Means when you get home from a long day you don't want to workout and priority is to relax with a beer and watch tv, or whatever. If something is important to you you make the time to make it a priority.
  • of course there is because of previous commitments but when those are done you can focuse on your relationship
  • No, relationships can fit into your life seamlessly. If you don't have enough time for a specific relationship, it's becuase that relationship doesn't fit. I'm not changing my life or who I am to date, but if someone has the same interests and wants to do the things that interest me at the same time I do, then there is plenty of time for him.
  • Some lives would need a lot of readjustment for serious relationships. At different times in our lives my husband and I just about managed to pass in the hall occasionally. It settled down and worked out all right but I would say sometimes there really is not enough time for everything and it can often be the emotional relationship that suffers.
  • YES. I speak from experience. Some people are so ambitious that external validation is more important than personal relationships. I question their priorities, but we all get to live our lives according to our own choices. It is helpful to realize that these folks exist and to realize that you may wish to be cautious in becoming attached to one. They can make great friends, but may be too self-centered to share a life with a significant other.
  • Yes. If you are a single working mother, you barely have time for yourself. Between working at least 8 hours per day, driving to and from school/work, cooking dinner, spending time with the kids - when in there would there be time for a relationship? Sorry, it's not prioritizing in all cases - it's called survival.
  • its not that i dont have time for a relationship i just dont have time for all the courtship. i mean its so strenuous. and then if you date multiply guys you really dont get toknow each one . im trying to start a career and become successful so right now getting in a relationship proves to be arduous but if i were already in one maybe not so i conclude it some situations yes
  • I think so. There are some people that are so involved in their careers or whatever they have going on in their life that they just don't have the time they need to really put forth effort into another person/relationship. That's just how some people are, work/family/life is just more important to them than a romantic relationship.
  • Yes, it can be, especially if you are not sure you want to change anything in your life.
  • I think so... like if a person was in school and trying to work...
  • yes - there is such a thing. even if the right person comes around, one may not know it because of time, priorities, or other things in their life. your best bet is to step away, keep your other priorities, see other people, and if that one person ever comes around and does have time for you, you can decide if it is the right time for you to make them a priority in your life. it may never happen, and you may not even be the right person. you need to decide what makes you happy, and that can't be sitting on the sidelines.

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