• I don't know, I've never been able to figure that out. I don't think I could do it... I think I'd chicken out. I LIKE eating the meat, but I'll have someone else kill it for me every time. I'd cry if I felt like I took the life away.
  • I don't know. It is such a one-sided advantage. I can't even see the thrill in that. The animal has no chance.
    • Venus1485
      Animals have many advantages over humans.
  • I have no idea how someone can kill a animal for sport alot of it is tradition so they say,me i think its about time the poor animals were left alone.
  • I enjoy being out in the wilds and learning while I am out there. But I don't get a thrill out of the kill. I do, however, feel it is my duty to understand FULLY where my food comes from. To see that animal give up it's life. To feel the gratitude and honor and to also feel so small for the gift it gave. I have also killed and butchered my own livestock. It is NEVER a thrill. It is a duty. Everyone should have to spend some time raising and then killing and preparing the food they eat. It doesn't come from the grocery store folks. It only ends up there just before you pick up the sanitized little parcels it has been reduced to. It is fine to dislike hunters. But they have the guts to face the origin of the food, and they have an appreciation for those animals that most of you will never understand. If you eat meat, you ARE killing animals. You just aren't brave enough to face the lives you take.
  • The thrill comes from the sense of power and excitement over being able to make a kill.. appealing to our base nature.
  • theres no thrill in killling them it just means we are evening out the population of animals cause if we just kept letting them reproduce without hunting there would be to many animals and thye would starve because there wouldnt be enough food to nurish them. I dont agree with the whole trophy hunting thing and then not using the animal for food but i do agree on hunting because man was put on this earth to hunt to survive and it should stay that way. The hunters are doing good for the animals and making them not have to suffer because theres to many animals and not enough food.
  • I cant' imagine why it should be a thrill. If it is you shouldn't be hunting. It should be a reverence for the animal that you took it's life and now it will feed your family, not grace your wall or entertain your friends around the campfire. Being thrilled at anythings' death is wrong:-(
  • Why do people always assume it's for some kind of thrill? Primarily Hunting is an important part of the overall Conservation program to help control animal populations so a species can survive. A side benefit is obtaining the reward of meat for your efforts. There's no shame in being happy about that. It would be good to get some literature from your State's Department of Conservation to better understand what Hunting is all about. They usually will supply it at no charge.
  • The hunt is the thrilling part. The killing of an animal is often just a very small part of a very successful hunt.
  • the same thrill that is in punching babies, killing puppies, raping young women etc. That you're harming something that never stood a chance and never consented to it.
  • Knowing that maybe, just maybe, I could survive without a supermarket if I had to. I used to like going rabbit shooting but to be honest, there is a bit of a bad feeling when the bunny drops dead. However, if there weren't any people like me, bunnies being bunnies, soon there would be no crops and so no food for us humans. It's easy to forget our wild ways, now our ancestors have made life so soft and fluffy for us. But once upon a time, it was necessary to kill lions, crocodiles, snakes, bunnies and all manner of animals in order to keep ourselves alive. Face it, if we didn't eat cows then they would be extinct by now. We would have called them pests that eat all our crops (unless they made good pets). The fact that killing is no longer necessary for most of us doesn't mean it is completely unnecessary. Leave the hunters to hunt so you don't have to. That said, I hate sadism. I only like a quick kill.
  • The hunt is the thrill... especially if its big game.
  • Being someone who does not hunt I can only relate my fishing to it. But in fishing, you can release the animal again if you aren't going to eat it. I get a thrill fighting with a big fish, but more often now I only fish to eat them. THe thrill for this tpe of hunter is to know you don't have to buy any meat all winter with one good elk, and that is exciting.
  • there is none in my opinion
  • If you hunt to survive, that is one thing. If you hunt feral species to save local ones, that is also one thing. But if you hunt for the heck of it, and do not care what damage you do to the environment, then that is another thing. The first two, I can imagine that you are "thrilling" to survive and to help the survival of local animals. The last one you are just sicko. It is a power thing, and your gun is compensating for something else that is lacking.
  • Killing things is fun. It's pretty plain to see...look around. I'm sure that if I ever got into hunting, I would enjoy it for that very reason.
  • Thrill? Who said anything about it being a thrill? Why is it that anytime a man gets a little bit of quiet time for himself it's gotta be called something - The "thrill" as you put it is the fact that there are no kids crying and no spouse telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing in the woods!
  • I don't know what the thrill is but its just great and i don't have a big ego or anything but hunting is the best sport of all.
  • The Thing about hunting is that it wouldn't be Called hunting without the Process of killing an animal! As for the thrill, That comes from the hunt itself! The pure adrenaline rush you get from getting so close to an animal Being at one with nature, is really quite thrilling! Hunting wouldn't be hunting without the killing, it would just be nature watching!
  • the only thrill I've found is when I've ended up putting food on my families dinner table.
  • This is not a question that can be answered it has to be experienced!
  • The thrill is not the kill itself but the accumilation of the hunt. It's the fulfillment of days of preporation, days of work in the field, and finally the few seconds you hold your breath before taking the shot. The kill is the gratification that all your hard work paid off as a success
  • its hard to explain. but trust me, when your 30/30 is sighted on a 15 point buck, you feel it. and after you shoot it, its just a great feeling.
  • We are descended from thousands of generations of hunters. It's in our blood. It's an activity that was central in our very evolution. How can it not be thrilling?

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