• A little background info and you can hear the interview.
  • Movies are movies! I feel in real life it would cause more harm then good; turn it over to the Police!!!!!!!!!!
  • most important Question of the week.
  • ... just sic the cops & lawyers on them first, maybe the news media too, and maybe inform their employers & coworkers & clients, but no direct personal payback ...
  • I am 99% certain that I would not become a vigilante; however, I am 99% sure that my dad, uncle, and fiance would. So I'm not real sure the police would get a chance to act.
  • Let me answer this from a personal standpoint: If I could find the inhuman waste of humanity who beat and raped me three years ago, I would kill him without a second thought. Yes, I would take matters into my hands. I would.
  • I would have no second thoughts or regrets on killing the person that destroyed and then killed my 5 year old son. It would give me satisfaction, if not closure. Regrettably he is safe in prison for life. In this country that means nothing . It was not his first offence and still he was allowed onto the streets to prey on children.
  • Give the justice system a chance....but if it doesnt come through....
  • I would trust no one but me to take matters into my own hand and kill the SOB.
  • Let me put it this way. It's been shown time and again that child molesters are eventually freed. It has also been shown that there is almost one hundred percent recidivism among them. It has been shown, ad nauseum, that they are not deterred by prison etc. My thought is this - how many more kids can you rape and destroy if you have shattered kneecaps? Makes it hard to run after them....
  • Ah, I'm looking forward to seeing Jodie Foster in that movie, she's incredible. I would turn the evidence over to the police, give them the opportunity to take care of them legally. That's my first reaction as long as there was no permanent damage though honestly, I don't know. If the system failed me I would take it into my own hands. If they had hurt my kids on the other hand - the state wouldn't have to worry about the time and expense of a trial. And I'd make it painful. For a long time.
  • I actually was attacked/hurt ... and several of my men friends said that if I could ID the guy, don't go to the police with the info...that they would take care of it for me. I never was able to ID the guy but I believe that if I had, I would have gone with my friends first. As a result of this incident, I changed my view on guns and became much more pro law/order and less sympathetic to the plight of the bad guy. On another occasion, I was ripped off $$ only. About $400. At the time I had a close friend who was eager to settle the score for me. I refused to give my friend the name/address of the culprit even though I had it. The guy took me for $$ & my friend would have got the money and would have likely beat the cr*p out of him. I didn't want to deal with that. The police couldn't help & I might have won in small clms court but then the real issue is how to collect even if you win. I think I would have let my friend handle it today.
  • Hm... Jodie Foster movie or Kevin Bacon movie? Jodie Foster? Probably not. Kevin Bacon? Definitely.
  • I'd make every moment of their lives a swirling torrent of pain and misery to the likes of which the world has never seen.
  • I like this question immensely. I would be extremely tempted to find the perpetrators -however, it is known fact that people who take the law into their own hands very often end up being treated worse than the perpetrators themselves. A very good example of this is the farmer Tony Martin, who shot and killed a burglar he caught inside his own home. He was defending his property and his own life. I have no sympathy for the burglar who was shot, as he would most likely have killed MR Martin, who ended up in jail. That is an injustice, not the burglar being shot in someone else's home. In spite of the feelings of injustice, and desire to get the perpetrators, the best thing therefore would be to turn them over to police.
  • I would kill the attackers, todays justice system is a joke.
  • I would draw on my former positions and do what had to be done to ensure that JUSTICE was served at all cost . And; I do know how to do that .... Hey; anyone else like the DEATh WISH Series with Charles Bronson ? I lOVED it !

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