• Fo shizzle I kizzle. Jump over the bacon and make it sizzle Use your brains, don't be a zombie and get it poppin' as if you've never been hoppin' like you got a jetpack on or something.
  • Zombies smell like bacon Your brains are for the takin' Unless you've got a jetpack you had better watch you back We're all playing naked twister Except of course your little sister Get your jetpack running These zombies are not funnin' MentalMum's the commander She's got a lunar lander Momma Bear has a failsafe switch Does she know which switch is which? Send out all the trolls Let the zombies play their roles We can get a party started Who was it that really farted?
  • Well though out answers from both of you who chose to compete. I'm impressed. sorry i did not have more points to go around..... Thanks for playing.

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