• No. There is nothing "wrong" with you. Some women don't like sperm inside of them because they consider sperm to be "icky" in some way. Some women LOVE sperm and can't get enough of it, wanting it inside of them in whatever method or place that they can get it inside of them. If he feels a need to want to ejaculate inside of you, but you do not share his enthusiasm. Your relationship could easily become stressed as he might end up feeling "unwanted" or "unloved." However, that does not mean that you are responsible for how he might feel. You are, however, responsible for the result of your actions and/or choices not to allow him to cum inside of you IF your choice has a negative impact upon your loving, sexual relationship. If your husband is accepting of the fact that you do not like his sperm inside of you, then the two of you are compatible together through compromise. If he is not accepting of how you feel and feels rejected or upset and simply can not compromise. Then the two of you are not sexually compatible. You are likely in a difficult dillema. I wish you the best!
  • nope, have him cum on you, or in a condom!
  • Nothing wrong with that like most sexual acts some women like and some women dont
  • no there nothing worng with it at all you just right not like it because of the it feels or the way it makes you feel you know its ok though
  • Do you think there's something wrong with you? Find someone you trust and explore this question.
  • No there is nothing wrong with you at all. My wife requires me to always use a condom for just this reason. We don't need them for birth control so its really just to make it less messy for her. I guess after many years of marriage its easy for a women to get tired of dealing with post sex mess.
  • Nope it your preference. I personally love my husband nutting in me.
  • Tell him where you want it
  • I don't think there is anything wrong with not wanting cum in you. It just depends on why you hate it. I hated it when my husband came in me. First, I had a terrible fear of getting pregnant,even though I was on the pill. Second, he came so much,I would drip forever. Do what I did. I turned it around on him.I played on his ego and he(and most guys)was happy to pull out and cum on me or,better yet, on him. Tell him that seeing it turns you on, even if it doesn't. Feed his ego and he will run with it. I was even able to get my husband to lick his mess up if he came on me and out of me if he did cum in me.
  • no its your preference. but if you don't want him to ejaculate in you, then you have to take the initiative and when you feel he is about to cum, pull him out and satisfy him manually and maybe let him cum on you. men like that too. or make him use a condom, that way he can ejaculate in you without his sticky sperm shooting in you.
  • some girls just dont like all the mess personally I love it in me,
  • Probably not, but I'd have thought most women would like it. If not, it would be hard to keep up the population.

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