• You should be single for a while so you can completely heal from teh emotional baggage.
  • it is wrong just have a daily walk and if u see a fit girl and she keeps lookin at u ask her if she wants to be with you and if she says yes well ur lucky but if she says no then dont worry dont feel embarresed keep strong and go outside for another walk and see if it works again
  • How about just go out and have some fun with the girls. No need to jump back in so quickly.
  • Go out a date, why would it be wrong?? Ideally it's best to wait and heal, but if you feel up to it then why said your relationship has been withering away for awhile so emotionally you have probably already gotten over that relationship or have detached yourself emotionally. Good luck
  • I don't think it would be wrong, but you should take a little time out, and let your heart heal. My recent ex didn't do that, and after 9 months of dating me, says he still has feelings for his ex. Now I'm going through hell because he never let himself heal... and God I wish he had. Just take things slow and make sure you're not just filling a void... that it's what you really want.

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