• Switch the bloody thing off the moment you walk though the door.
  • I keep mine on vibrate, usually, and don't answer unless it's important. And if I do answer, I keep my call under a couple minutes, so that my co-workers don't have to hear me blabber on. I do text message quite a bit, but keeping the phone on vibrate seems to keep the annoyance level moderate, and I make sure that I'm not talking to anyone or doing anything important when I pick up my phone!
  • When I am working we are not even allowed to have our cellphone on. Which is what all work places should do not allow their employees to have their cellphones on well working.
  • I've seen different arrangements in different places. Personally, I prefer places that do not allow cell phones in the actual work area (in break rooms, etc., is fine). When I'm trying to think about my actual job, listening to the person at the next desk yapping about the latest gossip does NOT help.
  • My employer doesn't allow personal cell phones inside the manufacturing area period. It is a safety issue.
  • I think that as time goes on this is going to be something we see more of and build up a tolerance too. My company just passed a policy that we can have cell phones, but they have to be muted if they are out on your desk. We cannot take calls unless it's an emergency. They don't want to hear them ringing or hear people chattering all day.
  • I work in a call centre and they're totally banned. If we need to make or receive a personal call we have to use office phones. It's a data protection issue. A couple of years ago someone was caught texting out customers' credit card numbers.
  • Personal phone calls are not allowed in my business. You're on my time here. I'm not paying you to talk to family and friends outside the scope of your duties.
  • just dont use it unless youre on your break
  • Unless you are on a coffee break or at lunch your cell phone should be taking messages only.
  • shut it off and only use it on your break
  • It depends on the rules of your employer. My employer permit employees to use cell phone only during meal and rest periods. Employees are not permitted to use cell phone at any time while working.
  • Many employers don't like you to be distracted from your work. They are not paying you to be on the phone.
  • Wow, this is a really old question. Back then cell phones probably weren't used a lot for work, as they are today. My case manager uses one cell phone for work and one for personal use (she also provides transportation). So to answer your question it would depend on the job and the rules they have in place. I don't think they should be banned. That would put strain on the company phone line when kids/family need to contact the parent. But obviously any calls or texts should be kept to a minimum as they can interfere with work. Then again, anything can interfere with productivity and that should be evaluated overall.
  • Most employers want you to be working and not on your phone. Remember, time is money.
  • Cell phone use at the workplace affects production, even if it's just for a minute. Turn the darn thing off is how it should be.

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