• It's just a saying, I don't believe there is such a thing.
  • I think never know! I also thing that it is possible to have more than one true love of your life :o) +5
  • SOUL MATE !!!!!! every one think they have met their soul mate but i can tell you that in life you can meet several people whom you really love and who among them is your soul mate u r unable to decide
  • I believe Imet my soul mate and she still is after 19years and three children. In fact I love her more now than 19 years ago.
  • yes ...yes there is such a thing as a soul mate , you may go through life thinking that you have found your soul mate with any number of partners ... but when you really do find " the one " the both of you will know . I am very very very lucky to have found mine ( many years ago) and still to this day I pinch myself just to make sure I am not dreaming
  • those who daydream too much could be one of these victims i guess.
  • well yeah some people believe that...i don't buy into it...
  • I personally don't believe in soul mates. On the other hand I do believe that there are more then one person out there that can make you happy.
  • Yes.But if the people whom you love are many and some of them are from your own sex then there would be confusion, so the concept of a soulmate is difficult to grasp. If you believe in the impossible and things that religion denies then maybe you will know about it. In Christianity there is no belief in reincarnation and rebirth, then how can this be explained to a Christian? Hinduism and other religions believe in a lot of things including meeting your soul-mate, so from my point of view it is all in your belief system!
  • I found mine 43 years ago modeling clothes. A good-looking babe then and even better looking today. she takes care of herself. If finding a soulmate is not possible, then how do you explain our marriage? Some people are fortunate in this area and others are not. Wife and i are living proof that out there is a soulmate just for you. You just have to keep on searching.
  • I believe you can find your soulmate i believe in this version presented by aristophanes in platos symposium- that humans origanally consisted of four arms four legs and one head with two faces but Zues feared that they were to strong and split them in half comdemnineg them to wander the earth searching for their other half to complete them.
  • Yes, I believe in soul mates. :) I think if you find yours, you just know it...You feel it in your heart. If they still give you butterflies, or make you blush, after going out with them for a long time and you still like spending a lot of time together without getting bored or annoyed with one another then you have found your soul mate.
  • I believe it is a romantic notion that could cloud your judgement and cost you a sure thing over something that is fantasy. I would rather believe there is somebody for everybody.
  • I don't believe there is such a soul mate
  • Yes, but soul mates are not always romantic partners as many people think. They can be family members, best friends or animals.
  • Soul mates can refer to a love partner, a close friend, or a family member who is seen to have a deep connection or special tie with another person. This concept is a culturally and personally defined belief that differs among individuals. try thisSoulmate Sketch

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