• Yes. The gene that produces brown eyes could be what we call a dominant gene (B) and the gene that produces blue eyes could be a recessive gene (c). Genes always come in pairs. Two people with brown eyes could have the genes: BB or Bc. This means that the dominant gene will determine the colour of their eyes, in this case both variations have a dominant gene saying that their eye colour will be brown. If both of them had the Bc sequence then their children will share them in every possible combinations: B c B BB Bc c Bc cc So as you can see there are three different types of offsprings' genetic sequence: BB, Bc and cc. With the first two the B is dominant producing brown eyes. However with the last type there is no dominant gene merely two recessive, this then produces the eye colour or the recessive gene = blue. So two parents with brown eyes can either have no children with blue eyes or one in four of their children will have blue eyes.
  • Yep, it depends on the eye color of the child's grandparents (grandfathers especially if I understand correctly).
  • do you have a blue eye recessive gene? Bb? and does the other partner have a receive blue eye gene? Bb? if so the the chances are 25% brown with no recessive blue BB 25% blue eyed bb 50% brown eyed with blue recessive Bb
  • Yes, the eye color gene is too complicated to determine with just the parents eye colors.
  • I only skimmed the other answers but from junior high biology class (and that was 30 years ago), yes, two brown eyed people can have a blue-eyed baby. But the reverse cannot happen. Two blue-eyed people cannot have anything but a blue-eyed baby. That's a fact, not a probability. Fact.
  • here's an online eye genetics chart that explains how this could indeed happen:
  • yes they can! could be from a grandparent or aunt uncle etc...
  • Yes, it's a recessive gene
  • Yes blue eyes is a recessive gene. You need 2 blue genes to have blue eyes the parents could have 1 blue and 1 brown each and still have brown eyes. They can pass the blue to their child.
  • Yes they can
  • why would they want to keep the baby's eyes? that baby needs those eyes. & what does this have to do with famous scientists?
  • both my parents eyes are a greenish brown..mine are blue-green-grey..looks nothing like theirs..but my baby sister as born with eyes exactly like theirs..i know i wasn't adopted
  • You know what they say,Mommas Baby,Papa's Maybe !!
  • Yes, i know someone who does. :)
  • I guess so if they are a recessive gene of an ancestor.
  • Very rare, normally it will turn brown in a year or two.
  • both my parents have blue and so do I.
  • Yes non of my parents have blue eyes and yet I have, but both grannies on both side have blue eyes.

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