• In certain circumstances, it is possible to reliably predict the outcome of an interpersonal engagement with enough accuracy as to claim clarvoyance, but to actually reach into someone elses head, and scan their thoughts is not possible.
  • you can predict whats inside someones mind by just looking at him, his actions might help or his facial expressions, but the real psychic has the ability without too much trying to read someones thought,in my experience it is spontaneous, even if you dont want to read it, it strikes your head no matter what happen as if he is talking in himself and nobody can listen but you.
  • If you know a person for a long time you can read what he is thinking by his behaviour.Some people(very few) have the abillity to see/read what you are thinking about and so they can predict your future.This hasn't been proved yet or it will not prove but it does exist.
  • intuition is a good reason to say it is possible but if you know the person for so long and can read their moves well then much possible.. but if you mean to be a "mentalist" i think it would be a lot of sweat to learn that.. and a tons of headaches :P
  • it is easier to make them think that the thought you implanted into their mind is theirs. That is how "mind reading" works.
  • Yes and no ... In my martial arts, I teach how to read actions and intentions ... to know if a move is a real strike or just a lure for a trap ... to know if an attack has the intention of bruising, breaking, killing, or what ... there are 'tells' and things to watch & listen for that will tell you what your attacker is thinking in regards to movement. ... but to get into someone's head and read their current thoughts or memories, or to establish and maintain an extended telepathic communication regardless of distance, has not yet been proven or disproven with an absolute certainty. I doubt that there are full telepaths, but there may be ... "the absence of proof is not the same as proof of absence."
  • I just figured out that my girlfriend can read my mind. It sucks. I ask her questions and she's able to respond with the way she looks at me when I ask the question. I know what the answer usually means too. But that doesn't mean I can read minds. I can just read into answers through eyes. Big difference. Anyways, it freaks me out now and I just hang out with her so I can ask more questions and continue to freak myself out. Sometimes I'll ask a disturbing questions. She'll get startled and change the subject or purposely distracts herself. It's real. Trust me. Don't ever ask cheating questions. Trust me.
  • No. However it is very possible to read someones physical reactions and emotional output to read their motives, truthful-ness, and what their feeling a the moment. I would suggest you pick up (or download, as I did) "never be lied to again" and read it. It can teach you to see and interpret peoples physical actions and reactions. This will help you find out if someone is lying to you (Or with enough practice and study, teach you to hide these signs) Other than that you would also do well to read "You Can Read Anyone: Never be Fooled, Lied to, or Taken Advantage of Again" To further this study. Then after you have a basic understanding of the human body and general reactions, research on the net to get more indepth info on the subject. Hope this helps.
  • I believe like anything else one can be trained to read minds.We only use less than 10% of our brain and reading another persons mind would not be that difficult if enough time was spent perfecting it.As humans we greatly underrate our psychic abilities.
  • I know that it is possible. I don't know if we can think a thought and let someone else know what we are thinking, but I know for a fact that on very many occasions I have been thinking about something very strong and someone in the same room start saying the exact words that I was thinking in my mind....word for word. I have been touching someone thinking, and they have started saying what I was thinking. So I am not sure if I read their mind or they read mine. If I try to force it, nothing happens. It is only when I am relaxed and not expecting it.
  • If you know them well enough you would probably know what they're thinking!
  • no.pick a number between 1 and 10. multiply it by 2 then multiply it by 5 divide the number you started with at the begging and the one now. IS YOUR ANSWER 4?
  • Im not 100% but if you could at at l;east in a way that you could do it when ever you wanted to. how should you use it or should you use it at all.Maybe that when you want to know so much about a person for what ever reason you end up finding out more about your self thay even you new .think be for you react
  • well... i don't properly know... you can... they say you're born with it. but well you do not really read "the mind" you're just more in contact with the basical universal energy field, where every though expands in waves... and this has very lesser than few to do with what you could affect by evrything in this world... try at least to meditate... if you're not born with, well, obtaining it only reaching and high meditation level. but, when you reach that level, you'll find no use in reading other people's minds, like a lot of other things
  • i am well, not able to read minds, but im sycic. ya see it comes in my dream like 2 months ago on the news they said there was a meteoir shower and it came to me in my dreams what weird is its not in the place it happend like it always isnt and whenever my sister is around i think of them again being able to tell the futer
  • I think it is possible to read minds but only for some people. Kind of like a gift. Anything other than that is a intuition. Some peoples are stronger in that field
  • I have no problem getting in people's heads psychically, so I know it can be done. But while it sounds cool, it's not that big a deal. People's minds are just not that interesting.

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