• I can see no reason why she doesn't have the potential to be a great leader.
  • She'd be better than Bush, but she's still a right winger-pro capitalist, pro war. But then, all American politicians are (except Ralph Nader)
  • Although I think she *could* be better than bush, being not-a-man puts her at a disadvantage. Good leaders have the respect and trust of those they lead and work with. I doubt all the powerful grey-haired old men in politics with traditionalist values would respect her as their leader, as much as they would a man. This would erode her ability to lead effectively.
  • because she's a lady whose a
  • A block of wood would be a better president than GWB. Now start a real discussion as to who is the best president, rather than who would be better than someone who several have rated as the worst president ever.
  • She has no credibility.
  • She wants that Universal Health Care, which most Americans have rejected, but she keeps pushing. Also, that bit about how she wants to take oil company profits -- profits which she didn't earn but believe she is entitled to -- and invest into a stratigic energy fund for alternative, smart energy. Basically, she wants to take profits that she didn't earn, and use them to put out of business the business who actually earned those profits.
  • primarily i think because there is too much interference with her husband. There is political skeletons in his closet which may yet be disclosed in her presidency. I do not like the idea of having someone who was not voted for, driving the campaign - and i am sure he has considerable influence over her..
  • She would make just as bad a puppet, erm I mean president, as GWB. They are ALL cut from the same mold that is designed of money, greed and power.
  • One thing I heard was because she has never passed major legislation. but then you have to think Bush was a baseball manager. Hey I got it since we politicians rather than true statesman. Why don't we write in Howdy Doody.
  • Regardless of my opinion of Bush, she isn't qualified. IMHO - she isn't qualified to be Sec of State either.
  • she is a dominant ,evil, idiot...can u really blame bill.? even though he is a disgrace of a man....they are both incompetent and an embarrassment... she is the responsiblity of MILITARY Leadership..put her through combat , she is aggressive enough...just dumber than a bag of rocks....and selfish and controlling....can sling some dirt..she's vicious.....:) that good enough?
  • 5-23-2017 Americans have always elected the sleaziest candidate they could find. This time around it was a close race. It was the first time since 1928 that the Republicans won without a Nixon or a Bush on the ticket.

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