• For one thing, there would be a LOT more flying insects that are actually a much bigger nuisance.
  • I'd sleep a whole lot better, but other insect populations would quickly spiral out of control. This could lead to an increase in disease, the extinction of certain insect populations and possibly crop failures.
  • We would wake up to find a heck of a lot of flies and other insects buzzing about. However, in the long term, it would have a negative effect on the food chain, with shrews, frogs and other spider eaters getting less food. If there were less shrews and frogs, owls and foxes and other large predators would have less to eat, and more would starve to death. To sum up, the sudden dissapearence of spiders setts off a chain reaction of hunger.
  • Lots of happy people, I would imagine...
  • lots of happy different insects...
  • I'd be a LOT happier. Nothing needs that many legs *shudder*
  • probably the death of nearly everything that can catch malaria and yellow fever.For nothing much to halpen youd have to make flies extinct first
  • I am doctor Boff of the lunatic response unit... if spiders were to die out, then even after 6.3 hours, we would be overrun with flies and the earth would not be able to control it. Although man people do not find spiders attractive, they play an important part in the earths ecosystem. So on the whole without spiders we will be unable to SURVIVE ! much oblidged to be of assitance. anyone that needs for help please et back to me on .
  • We would be surrounded by flies, mosquitoes and other filthy creatures and our own doom would be innevitable.

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