• no, allot of people perfer dating blonds over brunetts, thats ok they is what floats their boat. Have fun dating but also don't limit your self to something new too.
  • Everybody has certain preferences. Sounds weird, but I as an ethnic Pole think that Oriental women are on average more attractive than Caucasians.
  • Everyone does. I believe so anyhow. With so much racism in the world.. it pretty much shadows over innocent issues like this and people are scared to be open about their preferences out of fear of being called racist when it is simply PREFERENCE. I love dark haired men, not blonde. To me.. that is no different than someone who is white being attracted to a hispanic person over another white person.. what floats our boats.. floats our boats. Do not let other people try and sink you.. you like what you like and there is NOTHING wrong with it!
  • To a great extent, you can't help feeling what you feel. Your aesthetic sense is what it is and it's not really something you can talk yourself into changing. However, I would encourage you to not narrow your range of potential partners too much. Personality factors will affect your long-term happiness more than physical appearance ultimately will. Otherwise, enjoy the view....:-D... (Note: the song below is meant to be satirical....) Sparks 'White Women' lyrics (Ron Mael) What's good enough for Adam Is good enough for me I'm awfully glad we got 'em They're easy to see (as long as they're) White women everywhere There's always a replacement, anytime, anywhere They walk without a swagger Their power's on the wane But something deep within me Cries out all the same (it's gotta be) White women everyday To me it doesn't matter that their skin's passe As long as they're white As long as they're white As long as they're white from head to toe As long as they're white As long as they're white As long as they're white I'll have a go White women, everywhere The places that I'm cruising The places that I stay Are filled with Anglo-Saxons And I get my way White women, everyday You can see'em blush, at least by light of day I've tried most every package From Peking to Berdoo I'm sticking with a brand name I'm sticking with you Because you're a white woman, so very fair Because you're a white woman, so very fair
  • there really is nothing wrong with haveing a preferance. im sure most people do, i know id rather date a guy with dark hair and eyes rather than a blonde with blue eyes. dont let anyone judge you because you like a certain type of woman.
  • No, how could that be wrong? My son loves black and/or asian women. Of course, he's 18, so he likes anything that walks and talks, but those women are his preference. :)
  • Everyone is different some like blonds other like redheads given those are with in one Ethnic category but others like Oriental, Latin American, African or any other group you can think of. Its personal preference as you have stated. You are more attracted to them where others are more attracted to another so called "group".
  • Far be it for me to tell anyone that they are right or wrong in something like this. Each person has different priorities when it comes to who they date For some they go solely on physical characteristics while there are others who go based solely on personality Some like big breasted women some prefer women with smaller breasts the only thing that I see wrong with any of that is that we limit ourselves to the choices we have in potential mates If we keep an open mind about things and not tell ourselves I will only date outside my race or I will only date skinny people or I will only date other Cathiolics we open ourselves up to a much widewr choice of available mates Let's say you lived in a really small town and there were 100 single and available people If you say to yourself I will only date those outside my own ethnicity and only 10 are not of your ethnicity you only have 10 people out of 100 to chose from I would much rather be open to dating any of the 100 than to have preferences for something and have my choices drastically narrowed down because I refuse to budge
  • Now that other people have confessed there attraction preference, I feel inclined to confess mine as well. I’m a black man and I’m more physically attracted to white women. I like their long/straight hair and light skin. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I do. It’s strange…. Me, my brother, and many other black men I know who grew up in predominately white communities prefer white women. I wonder if our attraction preference is a result of being surrounded by white girls most of our lives. The schools I attended growing up were typically about 80% white, but only between 2-5% black. Additionally, only about 1/10 of that 2-5% were from communities as affluent as mine. Sometimes, other students (black and white) from the poor communities would tease me because I lived in a predominantly white, upper-middle class community and didn’t know anything about life in the hood. Another thing that I have noticed throughout my life is that white ladies tend to be more interested in me than black ladies. Many black women say or imply that I’m not “black” enough because I grew up in an affluent/white community, don’t speak in slangs, don’t wear baggy clothes, am nerdy, and like to play other sports besides football and basketball …..Most white women, on the other hand, don’t seem to care about my “un-black” mannerisms, community, interests, and behavior. I’m not saying all black ladies are like that nor am I saying all white ladies are like that; however, in general, those are the judgments that have befallen me. I do not believe in stereotypes; I’m just outlining my own subjective experiences in the world. My reason for defying my reticent disposition and telling this revealing story is purely for psychological/sociological speculation about what causes appearance preference. I wonder if my appearance preference is innate or a result of my own subjective experiences. I think it may be a combination of the two.
  • Nothing wrong with it at all and no reason to feel guilty. I'm very fair complected with blue eyes and have a strong preference for men with darker complexions (Italian looking) and dark eyes. Blond hair, blue eyes and light skin like my own don't do it for me.
  • There's nothing wrong with it at all. I'm attracted to women outside my race.
  • not at all. i'm not specifically attracted to those within my race. i like a little culture clash here and there in my life =)
  • Technically, it makes you a bigot. An odd one, but a bigot.
  • you'd be wrong without one.
  • No. I prefer women outside your race too.
  • Of course not. However, not to be alert to those WITHIN borders on a rather obsessive problem, not unlike pedophilia. The Asian women can tell you all about the "Asian freak", who only likes Asian women to the exclusion of all others. They don't like it and see as something sick. However, a preference is not the same thing. As long as your preference remains just that, no problem for anyone.

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